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1Understand why your credit score may be low and how to become loan eligible!
Dear Friend,

Has your loan or credit card application been rejected due to a poor credit score, caused by previous loan defaults. Don't worry. We at CreditMantri can help you to improve your credit score and help you obtain your dream home, car or vacation!

The credit experts at CreditMantri will obtain your CIBIL report, conduct a detailed analysis and tell you why your loans are being rejected and how you can improve your score. That's not all, we also undertake to resolve the issues to help you become loan eligible. All at an affordable price.

We have helped hundreds of customers recover from a low credit score and attain financial freedom!


2How CreditMantri can help you to resolve your issues and improve your score!

It is important to first identify the reasons for a low credit score and to then take the the appropriate actions to 'clean' your CIBIL report and rebuild your credit score. This will require a detailed diagnosis of your CIBIL report, follow-up with your lenders to rectify negative status reporting, rectification of any errors that might exist in your credit report, work on a specific score-building program, etc. All of these require systematic follow-up and seemless execution. You need some one who has knowledge and network to help you. CreditMantri constantly works with major banks by liasing and resolving issues for you.

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What you can expect from us

  • Get your CIBIL report and Score
  • Analyse issues and factors that impact your score
  • Provide detailed action plan to improve score
  • Assist in rectifying errors and mediate with lenders
  • Provide score building options

Help you get Credit HEALTHY!!

3Why choose CreditMantri as your partner to improve your credit rating?

Choosing the right partner to help you in your Credit Improvement journey is as important as trusting your life with your family doctor. You need a trained, knowledgeable, compassionate and trustable person to advise and guide you in this important process. Further, knowledge of contemporary banking practices, experience in varied credit aspects and understanding of credit rating nuances is important. All this at a price that brings you value for money and is affordable to you is the win-win combination for you. CreditMantri understands your specific needs and provides you a complete package.

Trustable Organisation   CreditMantri has been promoted by ex-bankers, and has an eminent board of govenance that ensures we act in the best interest of our customer's well being. Our goal is to make you 'loan eligibe'. More
Comprehensive Service   Our service covers the entire set of activities from obtaining your credit report to resolving your issues. We even make available loans or credit cards, subject to eligibility norms, to help resolve your issues. More
Professional Approach   The management team has over 60 years experience in understanding credit, and all our officers have expert undertanding of credit improvement and are sensitive to your needs. More
Maintain Confidentiality We understand and respect the need for maintaining confidentiality of your personal details. We take adequate steps to safe guard your information and will not provide the same without your consent. More
4Examine our service plans and pricing. Choose the one that best suits you.

Based on our clients' needs and affordability, we have structured our servces into different plans. This, we believe will help you to make the right choices, and allows you to upgrade as you proceed. We ensure that you get value for the amount spent at each stage. Our charges are transparent, fixed and final. There are no additional charges or fine print payments. CreditMantri stands committed to its promise and ensures it delivers high quality service.

  • Place an Enquiry into Credit History
  • Provide Score and summary of issues
  • Indicate Loan Eligibility Status
  • 2 days

Note: This is not recommended if you have already been rejected a loan or card. Too many enquiries can be perceived as if you are "credit hungry" and may further impact your credit rating.

  • Obtain Credit Score & Credit Report
  • Diagnosis and Issues Identification
  • Provide Score Improvement Plan
  • Access to a Personal Counsellor
  • Personalised Credit Health Report
  • Provide Score Rebuilding Options
  • 10 to 14 days.
  • Obtain Credit Score & Credit Report
  • Diagnosis and Issues Identification
  • Provide Score Improvement Plan
  • Access to a Personal Counsellor
  • Personalised Credit Health Report
  • Provide Score Rebuilding Options
  • Mediate with Existing Lenders
  • Restructuring & Cosolidation Options
  • CIBIL Reporting Error Rectification
  • One Complimentary CIR (only if you subscribe directly to the premium plan)
  • 6 to 12 months

Pay only the difference when you upgrade