Canara Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

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Canara Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Canara Bank is an Indian state-owned bank with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was established in the year 1906 in Mangalore, and is one of the oldest banks in the country.

Canara Bank has a general enquiry number for all kinds of queries. Be it loss of card, loan related enquiry, or to just register a feedback, Canara Bank’s customer care department handles all queries and will help resolve them.

If you want to contact the Canara Bank card customer care department, there is a list of contact details that you will find useful. You can approach the Canara credit card toll free number or general enquiry number for any query you might have.

Below is a list of Canara Bank Customer Care nos. (for general enquiries) and Canara Bank Card Customer Care numbers (for queries related to credit cards).

Canara Bank Credit Card Toll Free Number

For general enquiries as well as card-related enquiries:

Canara Bank Customer Care 24 x 7 Toll Free number: 1800 425 0018

The Toll Free Call Centre functions 24x7 with the exception of 3 national holidays and can be contacted on all banking related issues and services.

Following are the Information / Services available through Canara Bank Call Centre. You can contact them for queries related to any of the following:

Savings and Deposits:

  • Savings Bank Deposits
  • Savings Bank Gold A/c
  • Canara SB Power Plus
  • Canara Payroll Package Scheme(CPPS)
  • Can Saral
  • Can Champ
  • Canara Super Savings Salary
  • Canara Defence SB
  • Current Account
  • Can Premium Current Account
  • Kamadhenu Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Ashraya Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Canara Dhanvarsha
  • Can Bank Auto Renewal Deposit (CARD)
  • Canara Tax Saver A/c
  • NRE Deposits

Card related queries:

You can get your queries related to credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking etc. resolved. You can call the Toll Free number 1800 425 0018 for queries related to any of the following:

  • Internet Banking
  • CanMobile (Mobile Banking)
  • Canara e-Info book
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Canara Secured Credit Card
  • Loans & advances (retail) related:

  • Housing Loan
  • Canara Premium Housing Loan for HNIs
  • Home Loan for NRIs
  • Home Loan for Agriculturists
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Canara Home Loan Plus
  • Canara Loan Against Property (LAP)
  • Canara Vehicle Loan
  • Canara Budget
  • Teachers Loan
  • Canara Pension
  • Canara Site
  • Canara Mortgage
  • Canara Rent
  • Doctor’s Choice
  • Canara Cash (Shares)
  • Swarna Loan (Gold Loan)
  • Vidyasagar Educational Loan
  • Canara Jeevan
  •  You can also get information on mutual funds and insurance. Following are the categories:

  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Mediclaim
  • Mutual Funds
  • In addition to the above, a customer can get the following information and make the following enquiries through the call centre:

  • Balance enquiry, transaction enquiry and cheque status enquiry
  • Status of cheque sent in clearing, out station cheque sent for collection/discounted
  • Term Deposits and RD: balance enquiry, interest payment enquiry and renewal enquiry
  • Enquiry on standing instructions
  • Limit / interest information Loan account liability information
  • If you are a Demat account holder, you can enquire on billing transaction, holding enquiry, Instruction status, Transaction and Service Requests
  • Request for account statement
  • Information on short/excess interest collected on loans
  • All kinds of enquires related to Internet banking
  • Non receipt of Debit card / credit card
  • Transaction discrepancy - ATM transaction discrepancy and Credit card transaction discrepancy
  • Request for Credit card statement, renewal of credit card
  • Funds not received/credited through any kind of money transfer mode

Canara Bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers City-Wise:

Following is a list of Canara Bank customer care no. for general enquiries and for queries related to credit cards:

Canara Bank, Head Office, Bangalore:

080- 22221581/582/0490/0491/1788/ 1789/ 1790/1984/1985/1986

For Registering Your Feedback:

In case you want to leave your feedback with the bank, you can call the Canara Bank 24 Hours Customer Care Toll Free Number and talk to a customer care representative regarding your feedback.

For Grievance Redressal:

The bank provides a separate link on its website in case of any grievances, complaints or queries. The bank ensures visibility and accessibility of complaint handling process to all complainants. If you have any grievance you wish to file, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • You can write to the branch manager of the of the nearest branch explaining the details concerned and the manger will respond to you.
  • You can also call the call center and lodge your complaint
  • You can also download the complaint form online and submit the completely filled-in form at the nearest branch
  • You can write to the Grievance Redressal Officer of your regions and the officer will get in touch with you.

In case you have not received the expected level of service from the bank and the resolution provided at all levels does not meet your expectation, you can write to the Principal Grievance Redressal Officer at HQ. Following are the details:

Chief General Manager

SP & D Wing

Head Office

112, J C Road


Phone: 080-22104375

E mail: pdwing (at) canarabank (dot) com

Locate Canara Bank:

If you wish to get in touch with Canara bank. You can log on to the website and find the required branch address using the Branch Locator. Following is the head office address of Canara bank:

Canara bank

Head Office

112, J.C. Road, Bangalore -560002

Ph no.: 080- 22221581/582/0490/0491/1788/ 1789/ 1790/1984/1985/1986


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