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How can I convert an outstanding credit card amount into EMI?

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Normally, you cannot convert a credit card outstanding into an EMI payment

However, some credit card issuers are willing to convert certain high value transactions into an EMI payment as soon as it is incurred. If this facility is not availed, you cannot convert the entire outstanding dues into an EMI payment at a later date. One way to convert an outstanding credit card due into an EMI payment is to take a low cost personal loan and payback all the credit card dues. This way also you can save high interest costs. Also keep in mind that if you have a good payment history then your card bank/company might offer you EMIs on everything that you purchase. Also if you have not registered your credit card online then do it ASAP so that you can view all the credit card offers online and hence you will be able to convert everything that you purchase into EMIs..

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