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If I have never defaulted on my payments, then do I need to check my CIBIL Score?

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Yes, you must check your CIBIL score regularly. Your CIBIL score is basically evaluated on the data in your CIBIL report

The data in CIBIL report is reported to CIBIL by several banks/lenders you hold loans/credit cards with. The data thus reported can have mistakes and discrepancies that might affect your score negatively. The nature of errors can be anything such as a mistake in the spelling your name, age, address or PAN card. Errors like this can lead to problems like you finding that there are someone else's loan details in your report and many other such errors. All this can seriously damage your credit score. This shows that there could be errors in your report without any fault of yours. Hence, the CIBIL Score and Report must be reviewed regularly i.e. once every year is what we recommend..

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