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What is a credit score and how important it is?

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A credit score is a single number that is evaluated after summing up the information in your credit history – the higher scores indicate a lower risk.

The most commonly used credit score is that of CIBIL, but there are others as well such as Equifax and Experian. Also, in addition to this the individual issuers and lenders also calculate an internal credit application score that takes into account the credit bureau score.Most credit scores consider a few main factors:payment history (how many late payments, etc.), amounts outstanding (your credit card balances, size of mortgage, etc.),length of credit history (how long your various credit lines have been open),recent credit inquiries / activity, and kinds of credit used (credit card, student loan, auto loan, mortgage, etc.).Generally credit scores below 650 are considered ""sub-prime"", and scores above 750 are considered good..

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