How can CreditMantri help to improve my CIBIL score and make me loan worthy?

Cibil Score

As part of our Free Credit health Check, we obtain your credit score / rating from Equifax and analyse the status of your credit health online. You can also choose to upload a CIBIL report if you have it handy. We then identify negative or problem loan accounts which could be impacting your credit history.

We enable consumers to take action on their problem loan and credit card accounts across a wide variety of root causes – they can raise a dispute with a bureau or lender, remove accounts wrongly mapped to their credit report or pay off loans which are over-due and not clean closed. This 24/7 platform for Credit Issue resolution is the logical next step in helping consumers take charge of their credit health and resolve issues which are impacting their credit eligibility.

As part of the resolution, CreditMantri connects the user directly with their lender and guides them till the end. In addition, CreditMantri works closely with select lenders to help consumers with a troubled credit history / low credit score to get access to fresh credit.