Comprehensive Credit Analysis

CreditMantri is a Digital Credit facilitator, based in Chennai, India. The intent is to leverage the power of technology and the digital medium to empower borrowers and lenders alike and help them make efficient credit decisions.

Consumer services: CreditMantri helps users understand the status of their Credit Health and build their Credit Profile. The credit profile is created with data from the user's Credit History from the bureau and is further enhanced with data from alternate data sources. Based on the individual's credit profile, CreditMantri offers solution best matched to their profile - be it discovery of loans or credit cards, or resolution of past loan issues.

Lender Services: CreditMantri offers a range of lender-specific services including:

  • Marketplace listing credit products
  • Solutions to help lenders offer products to new-to-credit users by enabling instant credit decisions using alternate data.
  • Verifications Services

CreditMantri works with over 30 lenders and makes available close to 50 credit products and services.