Bhanix Finance & Investment Ltd. is an RBI approved company. It is a non-banking financial company. The company specializes in lending short term loans. The short term loans are provided by the company using their platform. The loan transactions are supported by RBI and are as per the stipulated guidelines of RBI. The company believes in responsible lending and creating good practices in the market.

The platform is very popular with the younger generation as the company provides easy credit at affordable rates on the platform. The company believes in adhering to all the fair and just practices of lending credit and thus does not support any unfair credit approvals or lending in the business.

The loan recovery process also is as per the guidelines of RBI. The information related to borrowings which involves interest rates, tenure of loans, fees and lending terms is displayed clearly on the website and the mobile application of the company. In the process of the application process, the company does not use the personal information of the applicant in any way other than required for the processing of the loans. The advertising of the products is such that the audience and the applicants are not in any way misled by any information that is provided. Thus as per the given information, we can clearly state that the company is authorized by RBI and is carrying out business in a fair manner.

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