Moratorium is offered by banks in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic to defer payment for up to 6 months. While you can stay away from making the repayment, interest charges apply during the moratorium period. If you plan to use the moratorium period for your personal loan, through the moratorium EMI calculator, you can get to how much you will be paying additionally after the moratorium period ends. 

The moratorium EMI calculator will have various parameters. You need to have all the details related to your personal to use the calculator.  You may need to enter the following details to get the results. 

  • Enter the overall loan amount

  • Interest rate currently being paid on the loan

  • Loan tenure

  • Number of EMIs paid

  • Number of moratorium months chosen

After entering the details, you can choose the option of change in tenure without altering the EMI amount or change in EMI amount without altering the tenure option. If you choose to finish in the same tenure, your EMI amount will be higher.