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Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care

Oriental Bank of Commerce was founded in 1943 and offers investment banking, consumer banking, commercial banking, retail banking, private banking, asset management, pensions and mortgages amongst other financial products. It is a public sector banking company which has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The Bank actively places emphasis on credit delivery to women and has 5 designated branches for women entrepreneurs.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has a well-established customer service department that can help resolve any enquiry, clarification or issue you might have. You might have a query regarding a specialized loan for women entrepreneurs, or might want to know about a fixed deposit scheme. Or you might want to approach the customer cell in the event of a lost or stolen credit / debit card. Whatever the query may be, you can have these questions addressed at the bank’s customer service desk.

If you want to contact the Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care department, you can also approach the general enquiry number to resolve your query. Below is a list of Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Nos. for general enquiries and Oriental Bank of Commerce Card Customer Care Numbers (for queries related to credit cards).

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Toll-Free Number:

Toll-Free Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1235

Non Toll-Free Customer Care Number: 0120 2580001

For Credit Card Help:

You can approach the mentioned Customer Care No. in case you wish to file a complaint regarding your credit card, or need help in resolving a query related to a transaction made with your credit card or need to report a lost / stolen credit card to get it hotlisted.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800 180 1235

ATM Card / Debit Card Help:

In case you have any query related to for ATM Card / Debit Card, or a query related to ATM transaction, or non-disbursement of cash from ATM, or in the urgent case of a lost Debit Card, you can approach the Oriental Bank of Commerce Toll-Free Customer Service Number.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Debit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number:1800 180 1235

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Toll-Free Number for General Enquiries:

If you have any kind of general enquiry or need to do telebanking, you can contact the general enquiry customer care department on the afore mentioned number: 1800 180 1235

Oriental Bank of Commerce Region-wise Phone Numbers:

Following are the region-wise contact numbers and e mail IDs if you need to connect to Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care in your specific region. You can contact the following number from any Landline / Mobile number and talk to a customer care representative with regards to your query.

Region STD Code Phone Number E Mail
Agra 0562 2158816, 2154524, 2523768 edp_agr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_agr(at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Ahmedabad 079 26587539, 26585830, 26587444 edp_ahm (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ahm (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Amritsar 0183 2501644, 2501645, 5030001 edp_asr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_asr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Bangalore 080 25808905, 25808913, 25808920 edp_blr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_blr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Bareilly 0581 2302474, 2302475, 2300620 edp_bar (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_bar (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Bhatinda 0164 5002473, 5002476, 5002480 edp_bth (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_bth (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Bhopal 0755 2553856, 2767216, 2553518 edp_bpl (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_bpl(at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Bhubaneshwar 0674 2544852 edp_bhu (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_bhu(at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Chandigarh 0172 2704386, 2709998 edp_chd (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_chd (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Chennai 044 28492345, 28502000 edp_che (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_che (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Dehradun 0135 2746920, 2749715, 2746097 edp_ddn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ddn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Delhi 011 28751536 edp_del (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_del (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Durgapur 0343 2587787, 2587785, 2587786 edp_dgp (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_dgp (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Ghaziabad 0120 2700018, 2701302 edp_gzb (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_gzb (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Gurgaon 0124 2550011, 2550047 edp_gur (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ggn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Hyderabad 040 23147012, 23147026, 23147050 edp_hyd (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_hyd (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Jaipur 0141 4149908, 4149921 edp_jpr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_jpr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Jalandhar 0181 5009764, 5009763, 5009767 edp_jal (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_jal (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Jodhpur 0291 2623582, 2623583, 2623584, 2633585, 2633586 edp_jod (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_jod (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Karnal 0184 2204401, 2200620, 2204401 edp_kar (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_kar (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Kolkata 033 23379559, 23379560, 23379561 edp_kol (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_kol (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Lucknow 0522 2305764, 2305768 edp_lko (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_lko (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Ludhiana 0161 2539840, 2539841, 2535456 edp_ldh (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ldh (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Meerut 0121 4011901-14 rh_mrt (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
edp_mrt (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_mrt (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Mumbai 022 43434619, 4343464643434619, 43434646 edp_mum (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_mum (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
New Delhi 011 49270932, 49270903, 49270904, 49270913, 49270922 edp_ndl (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ndl (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Patiala 0175 2215255, 2201487, 2225025 edp_pat (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_pat (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Patna - - edp_ptn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ptn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Pune 020 25676464, 25670693, 25670694 edp_pun (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_pun (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Raipur 0771 2252851, 2252850 edp_rpr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_rpr (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Ranchi 0651 2283853, 2284844, 2283814 edp_ran (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_ran (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Rohtak 01262 242235, 253683, 241797 edp_roh (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_roh (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Sriganganagar 0154 2477956, 2425356, 2485330 edp_sgn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_sgn (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in
Varanasi 0542 2510072-75 edp_vns (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in,
rh_vns (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Service for NRI Customers

Contacting the bank in case of any transaction query etc. has been made easier with the introduction of the NRI Desk, which caters exclusively to NRIs. Following are the details of the correspondent office in India:

Contact Number: 0124-4126259

E Mail: ibdpolicy (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

Representative Office - Dubai

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Representative Office

PO BOX:103946, Mohd. Sultan Belshaat Building

Kuwait Street, Near Karama Centre,

Al Karama, DUBAI-UAE

Tel.: + 9714 3975920

Mob.: + 971 50 2549404

E Mail: obcdubai (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

For Registering Your Feedback:

In case you want to leave your feedback with the bank, you can call the Oriental Bank of Commerce 24 Hours Customer Care Numbers and talk to a customer care executive regarding your feedback.

For Grievance Redressal:

If you have a grievance you wish to file, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • You can write to the Branch Manager of the Bank Branch where your account is maintained and give the complete details of the nature of your complaint with your complete information on the prescribed format.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the response, you may escalate the issue to the Nodal officer of the Regional Offices.
  • If the resolution provided through the above channel is still not satisfactory, you may contact the Regional Head at the Regional Office.
  • If you are still not satisfied with the resolution provided through the above channel, you may escalate the issue to the Asstt. General Manager of the Complaint Cell, at the Corporate Office level. Following are the details:
  • Asstt. General Manager,

    Complaint Cell, Corporate Office.

    Tel: 0124 4126395,

    Fax: 0124 4126378

    E Mail: complaint (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

  • If you are not satisfied by the resolution meted out by the Assistant General Manager, then you may escalate the issue to the General Manager. Following are the contact details:
  • Tel: 0124 4176847

    Fax: 0124 4126499

    Email id-cgro (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

  • If the resolution provided is not satisfactory in the above channels, or you have not received any response within a month, you may approach the Internal Ombudsman, and give your complete complaint details along with all the relevant information. Following is the contact detail:
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce

    Corporate Office, 2nd Floor,

    Plot No. 5, Institutional Area,

    Sector 32, Gurgaon -122001.

    Tel: 0124-4126590 / 4126470

    Fax: 0124-4176834

    E Mail: ccso (at) obc (dot) co (dot) in

  • You can also contact the customer care and log in your complaint. Alternatively, you may log in your complaint online. It is also possible to check the status of your complaint.

Locate Oriental Bank of Commerce:

The Bank’s website has a comprehensive list of address and numbers if you wish to get in touch with Oriental Bank of Commerce. There is a list of Regional Offices with address on the website. Following is the Corporate address of the bank:

Corporate Office

Plot No. 5, Institutional Area

Sector - 32

Gurgaon - 122001

Tel: 0124 4126200 / 0124 4126300


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