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Correct, Restore and Enhance your Credit Potential

A poor Credit score and challenged credit history can be expensive for you – it typically results in possible loan rejections and loans at higher rates of interest. The good news is that you are not alone and plenty of people struggle to correct their credit history and improve their credit score.

This is where CreditMantri can help.

We have a simple, intuitive process to help you resolve past issues on borrowings, clear debts and start improving bureau credit score.

We help you get details from your lenders or from the credit Bureaus - online and resolve them.

Our dashboard helps you track the status of these issues and take action.

We help you:

Correct mistakes in your credit history and report

Do you have wrong accounts mapped to your Credit Report (CIBIL/ Equifax) which don’t belong to you ?

Correct details on borrowings which are wrongly stated and therefore reported by the bureau (CIBIL or Equifax)

Clear dues with lenders

Do you have past loans where you have dues which have not be closed to the lender’s satisfaction?

Get details on these loans or credit cards from your lender and pay these dues online.

We have lenders who offer special payment plans and terms.

We have Debt consolidation loans (subject to eligibility) which help you consolidate and bridge your dues payment gap while improving your Equifax or CIBIL score.

Update your personal and demographic details accurately in your Credit Report

Does the Credit report have your personal details like PAN, DOB, Income etc stated accurately ?

Check and correct these details online

Here is how it works

Step 1: Credit Profile simplified

We build your simplified Credit Profile Instantly from your Credit report from CIBIL/Equifax which is free of jargons and is easily understandable even by a layman

Step 2: Credit Profile Analysis and Problem identification

We provide you an online dashboard which gives you a detailed listing of your borrowings besides highlighting negative accounts which are impacting you.

Step 3: Take action – Arrive at an action plan with bureaus and lenders to resolve issues.

  • Get updated balances on your problem accounts and start interacting with your creditors online.
  • Remove incorrect account(s) mapped to your profile.
  • Resolve the incorrect borrowing details.

Step 4: Resolve - Make payments or provide documentation support – begin your score improvement

Make payments to lenders directly - Payment can be made to your creditors directly through Net Banking, Debit Card or Cheque.

We take care of the paperwork and reporting to Credit Bureaus.

You are well on the way to Credit Score improvement!

CreditMantri community take advantage from other free features too!

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