Loan / Credit Card Rejection

How it works - The CreditMantri way

CreditMantri is a provider of comprehensive Credit Analysis and Credit Improvement programmes. At CreditMantri, we help you to better understand the reasons your loan / credit card application was rejected or why your Credit Rating / Score is low.

How can CreditMantri help you improve your credit score and become loan eligible.
  • Get your Credit Rating / Score provided by CIBIL.

  • Provide in-depth analysis of factors impacting your Credit Rating / Score.

  • Detailed action plan to improve your Credit Rating / Score in consultation with our experts.

  • Assist in error rectification, loan and credit card related dispute resolution, negotiation with lenders.

  • Provide score building options, like customized financial products, that suit your credit profile.

Our goal is to make you credit healthy and loan eligible

Our Products
Compare our Service Plans and Pricing. Choose the one that best suits you.

We have 3 simple plans for you based on your needs and affordability. You can always upgrade to a higher plan by paying just the difference and nothing more. 
Our fees are transparent, fixed and final - no surprise additions or hidden fees.

  • Just a Report Rs850/-*

    Get your credit report and a quick scan to check your loan eligibility

    • Obtain Credit Score/Rating & Credit/CIBIL Report
    • Quick credit scan to check loan eligibility status
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  • Standard Rs3500/-*

    In depth credit/CIBIL score analysis and detailed action plan to get back on track towards improving your financial health

    • Obtain Credit Score/Rating & Credit/CIBIL Report
    • Detailed Credit Score Analysis
    • Credit related issue identification including reasons for loan rejection
    • Personalised Credit Health Report
    • Recommendations to rebuild Credit Score
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  • Comprehensive Rs9000/-*

    This is our end to end offering which helps in identification and resolution of any existing credit score/rating impacting issues. Also provides a detailed credit score building plan and offers financial products which help in score building. Puts you fully back on track and in control of your loan portfolio and improve your overall financial health.

    • Obtain Credit Score and & Report and Complete Analysis
    • Credit Score building recommendations
    • Interaction with lenders / CIBIL
    • Error rectification
    • Credit Score building products
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*Inclusive of service tax,presently at 12.36%