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The goal of our Free Credit Health Check is to help you unlock your Credit Potential and help you:

Understand where you stand and know the status of your Credit health

Apply Online for Credit Cards and Loans from lenders willing to lend to your unique credit profile

Reduce your current borrowing costs or EMIs

Improve your Credit Score and resolve issues which are impacting your credit history

Here is how it works

Step 1:

Sign up & create your Credit Profile Instantly – we start off by building your profile with data from the credit bureaus. Build on this further with data from non-traditional data sources – it is free and almost instantaneous

Step 2:

Get a detailed analysis of your Credit Profile

STEP 3 - Take action:

  • Apply online for Credit Cards and Loans
  • Opt for Credit Score Improvement Services
  • Discover ways to reduce borrowing costs or EMIs

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Credit Health Check

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