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Get Expert Insights into your Credit Health & Unlock your Full Credit Potential

Are you worried about your poor credit score? Looking for expert guidance on how to maintain a 750+ credit score? Searching for the best deals on future loans and credit cards?

Whatever be your current credit ratings, our Credit Health Report (CHR) can help you unlock your credit potential. As our tagline goes, Credit Healthy Toh Credit Wealthy. So, start working on your credit health with our Credit Health Report.

How can our Credit Health Reports help you?

Get monthly updates of all your credit activities

Get in-depth account level analysis – identify and monitor the status of all positive and negative credit accounts

Keep track of your credit inquiries

Check for missed/delayed EMIs and credit card bills

Identify errors, frauds and account misuse

Keep track of spends and control your expenditures

Get expert tips on how to boost/maintain your credit score

Get personalised recommendations for the best credit cards and loans

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Understand your Credit Score

Know your Number – Access your latest credit score for free anytime, understand where you stand, and track your score over time.

Credit Score Summary -Identify the factors influencing your score and get an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand summary of your credit report.

Credit Health Insights

Expert Guidance and Tips – Make your credit score your friend and not a foe with our credit health insights. We help you unlock your full credit potential with expert tips and actionable insights.

Learn how to Maintain or Improve your Credit Score – We offer in-depth account level analysis to provide you with tips on how to improve or maintain your credit score.

Personalised Recommendations

Best Credit Products Matched to your Credit Profile – Our data-driven tool pulls information from your credit report to match you with the best loans and credit cards suited to your credit profile.

Avoid Multiple Loan Applications – Get the best loan offers at your fingertips. Evaluate and choose the right one. Simplify your credit search.

Stay in the Know

Get Monthly Updates – Keep a pulse on your credit score and credit health with our detailed monthly reports.

Track your Progress – See how your credit efforts are impacting your credit score.

Stay on Track with your Credit Payments – Easily check for missed/delayed loan EMIs, credit card bills

Identify Frauds/Errors – your credit report for errors, account misuse and frauds. Learn how to rectify them and update your credit report.

Analyse and Control your Spending

Spending Pattern – Track and monitor your expenditures week-on-week in different categories.

Spends Analyser – Analyse your spending habits and handle your budgets better.

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