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Credit Score Simulator

Check How Your Future Financial Health Looks Like

What would happen if you:

Close your negative

Take another loan

Take another credit card

Close your existing

Have overdue payments

Close your negative account
Simulate Score


The score is simulated based on your current Equifax Credit Report and making hypothetical changes to it. After you have selected any one of the credit behaviours i.e. taking a loan, getting a credit card, having overdue amount on your credit card, closing your credit card or loan, doing a balance transfer, etc., the simulator will show you the projected credit score based on the actions chosen.

This credit score simulator tool is brought to you by CreditMantri and Equifax to help you make informed credit decisions.

Not at all. Simulating or even checking your credit score will not affect it. You can use the simulator as many times as you wish and check for multiple conditions.

Credit Score Simulator simulates your score based on one condition or item chosen by you. In reality, there are multiple factors that affect your credit score. The simulator predicts your future score based on the action but it doesn't take other factors into account and can't guarantee the change. However, the real credit score will not vary much if your credit behaviour matches with the condition chosen by you.

It depends on which action you have chosen. Taking a new loan will have an immediate effect on your credit score, whereas resolving your negative accounts might be reflected after a few months.

You can only choose one condition at a time. The future credit score is simulated based on just one condition. You can choose different conditions and get different credit scores each time.

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