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Today Silver Rates In Assam

29 May 2023

silver rate today india


( Per Gram )

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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram68.7468.82-0.12%
10 gram6873968817-0.11%

Silver Rates In Assam for Last 90 Days

29 May 2023

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-05-29₹ 69.74₹ 68,739
2023-05-28₹ 69.82₹ 68,817
2023-05-27₹ 69.82₹ 68,817
2023-05-26₹ 68.64₹ 67,635
2023-05-25₹ 68.91₹ 67,908
2023-05-24₹ 69.36₹ 69,361
2023-05-23₹ 70.74₹ 69,742
2023-05-22₹ 70.40₹ 70,399
2023-05-21₹ 71.67₹ 70,667
2023-05-20₹ 71.61₹ 70,611
2023-05-19₹ 69.32₹ 69,315
2023-05-18₹ 70.93₹ 69,927
2023-05-17₹ 70.98₹ 69,979
2023-05-16₹ 71.86₹ 70,855
2023-05-15₹ 71.75₹ 70,753
2023-05-14₹ 70.44₹ 70,439
2023-05-13₹ 70.49₹ 70,487
2023-05-12₹ 70.47₹ 70,471
2023-05-11₹ 74.35₹ 74,345
2023-05-10₹ 75.10₹ 75,103
2023-05-09₹ 75.80₹ 74,800
2023-05-08₹ 75.95₹ 74,948
2023-05-07₹ 75.02₹ 75,025
2023-05-06₹ 75.02₹ 75,025
2023-05-05₹ 76.30₹ 76,299
2023-05-04₹ 76.52₹ 75,521
2023-05-03₹ 74.00₹ 73,996
2023-05-02₹ 73.83₹ 72,834
2023-05-01₹ 73.03₹ 73,030
2023-04-30₹ 73.22₹ 73,222
2023-04-29₹ 73.22₹ 73,222
2023-04-28₹ 73.88₹ 72,880
2023-04-27₹ 73.90₹ 72,896
2023-04-26₹ 73.45₹ 73,451
2023-04-25₹ 74.97₹ 73,966
2023-04-24₹ 73.35₹ 73,353
2023-04-23₹ 74.57₹ 73,565
2023-04-22₹ 74.57₹ 73,565
2023-04-21₹ 74.17₹ 74,166
2023-04-20₹ 74.41₹ 74,414
2023-04-19₹ 74.97₹ 73,968
2023-04-18₹ 73.30₹ 73,297
2023-04-17₹ 74.31₹ 74,305
2023-04-16₹ 74.31₹ 74,305
2023-04-15₹ 74.25₹ 74,246
2023-04-12₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-11₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-10₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-09₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-08₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-07₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-06₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-05₹ 70.26₹ 70,256
2023-04-04₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-04-03₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-04-02₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-04-01₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-31₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-30₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-29₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-28₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-27₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-26₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-25₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-24₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-23₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-22₹ 67.51₹ 66,507
2023-03-21₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-20₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-19₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-18₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-17₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-16₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-15₹ 64.85₹ 63,853
2023-03-14₹ 64.25₹ 64,249
2023-03-13₹ 61.54₹ 60,539
2023-03-12₹ 60.19₹ 60,194
2023-03-11₹ 60.09₹ 60,094
2023-03-10₹ 59.98₹ 58,977
2023-03-09₹ 59.71₹ 58,706
2023-03-08₹ 59.86₹ 58,859
2023-03-07₹ 62.51₹ 61,510
2023-03-06₹ 62.16₹ 62,161
2023-03-05₹ 62.16₹ 62,161
2023-03-04₹ 61.46₹ 61,461
2023-03-03₹ 61.44₹ 61,444
2023-03-02₹ 62.89₹ 61,891
2023-03-01₹ 62.71₹ 61,709
2023-02-28₹ 61.18₹ 61,183
2023-02-27₹ 62.56₹ 61,555

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Assam

Trend of Silver Rate in Assam for May 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
May 1st Rate69.7468,739
May 29th Rate73.0373,030
Highest May Rate76.376,299
Lowest May Rate68.6467,635

Trend of Silver Rate in Assam for April 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
April 1st Rate73.2273,222
April 30th Rate67.5166,507
Highest April Rate74.4174,414
Lowest April Rate67.5166,507

Trend of Silver Rate in Assam for March 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
March 1st Rate67.5166,507
March 31th Rate62.7161,709
Highest March Rate67.5166,507
Lowest March Rate59.7158,706

Trend of Silver Rate in Assam for February 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
February 1st Rate61.1861,183
February 28th Rate69.2469,238
Highest February Rate70.7269,722
Lowest February Rate61.1861,183

Trend of Silver Rate in Assam for January 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
January 1st Rate69.8768,868
January 31th Rate71.9070,902
Highest January Rate71.2671,265
Lowest January Rate67.8966,886


Silver and gold hold an important place in the cultural history of India. This is irrespective of any province or state in the country as these precious metals have a place in all traditions and customs across the country. Silver is also favoured as an option to gift at ceremonies or auspicious occasions.

Besides jewellery, customers also prefer silver and gold as tools of investment. The cost of silver is lower as compared to the cost of gold and hence it’s also known as “poor man’s gold”. This ensures that customers can make better investment and the only ancillary cost to such investment is the storage cost. The resale value of silver is also high as it is considered to be a steady investment and mostly risk free. There are many factors affecting the rates of silver in the country and outside.

Given below are the details related to the rates of silver in the state of Assam.

Rates of Silver in Assam

The silver rates are very dynamic in nature and are constantly changing. The rate of silver is based on various external factors.

Factors affecting Silver Rates in Assam

The above rates as mentioned are ever changing based on multiple factors. Some of these factors are internal like the process of extracting or processing of the metal while there are also external factors that affect the prices of silver like the dollar fluctuations, demand and supply of the metal, logistics, etc. All these relevant factors are discussed below.

Demand for Silver

One of the main factors affecting the process of silver is the demand for the product. This demand for silver includes two types of demands namely, individual as well as commercial or industrial demand. Demand for silver is measured in all the available forms. The popular forms of silver are mentioned below

  • Coins
  • Bars
  • Household items
  • Jewellery

The demand for silver in retail form or at individual level is in smaller quantities. The demand for silver in case of commercial and industrial reasons is always in bulk.


Inflation rate is another reason that affects the silver prices. Inflation rate is in direct correlation to the prices of silver. An increase in inflation of a country results in a direct increase in the prices of silver. In the state of Assam, any fluctuations in the rate of inflation will result in the changes in silver rates.

Gold Prices

Gold prices and silver prices have always followed a similar pattern or trend. The prices of gold often tend to impact the silver rates and pull them in the increasing or decreasing trend along with it. Gold and silver are the precious metals that are traded in the commodity market and have been on the increasing trend for many months.

Ancillary or Associated Costs

Ancillary costs or associated costs are the costs that are related or involved in extracting or processing the metal or refining it as well as storing it. Some of such costs are mining costs, import costs, storage costs, warehousing costs, marking costs, etc. These costs also have a direct correlation to the demand and supply factors of silver.

External factors

There are many external factors that influence the rates of silver. These rates affecting silver rate are multiple and some of the examples of such external factors are mentioned below

  • Dollar Fluctuations
  • Government Policies
  • Geo-political scenario
  • Import and Export Policies
  • Crude Prices

The latest factor to affect the rates of silver is the introduction of vaccines in the market for the current pandemic. The announcement of a working and valid vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in crashing of the silver rates in the market to a great extent.

Silver Purity

Silver comes in many purity grades and the prices of silver is also determined on the basis of its purity. Silver purity is measured in percentage and the highest level of purity that is associated or allotted to silver is 99.9% or 9999 mark. It is usually combined with other metals like copper, nickel or any other alloy to ensure that silver does not deteriorate over time.

Buyers perform many tests to ensure that the silver purchased in any form is pure so they are not cheated or duped of the funds used to purchase such silver. Some of these tests are very basic and can get instant results or judgment on purity. The details of the same are mentioned below.

Ice Test

The ice test requires an ice cube to be placed on the metal to be tested. If the ice melts too fast, the silver is considered to be pure. In any other case, the metal is not pure.

Magnet Test

Another test is the magnet test where the buyer will run a magnet over the metal. If the metal to be tested is attracted to the magnet, then the metal is not pure and has impurities or other metals in the mix.

Stink Test

The stink test of testing purity of silver involves the testing of the metal based on the odor of the metal. Silver has no odor so if the metal to be tested has any odor in it, such metal will not be considered to be pure.

Authentication Markings on Silver

Silver like gold has many markings on it that assure the buyers and sellers of its purity and its quality. While purchasing and selling silver it is recommended that only marked and certified silver be traded. This ensures that the customers get the value for the money paid and are not faced with any fraud.

In India, there are multiple markings placed on silver for this purpose. Following are the details of such markings.

  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Mark
  • Jeweler’s / Manufacturer’s Identification Symbol
  • Assay Centre’s identification mark
  • Purity Grade Indicator
  • Marking Year

In order to ensure that the silver bought is genuine and pure, apart from the above markings; customers are also advised to purchase silver from authorized sellers. These authorized merchants are mentioned below.

  • Authorized sellers
  • Jewelers
  • Banks
  • E-commerce portals

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People Also Ask Silver Rate Assam

1. What are the factors to be accounted for while purchasing silver?

The various concerns to be accounted for while purchasing silver are mentioned below.
  • Form of silver to be purchased (whether silver coins, silver bars silver bullions, silver jewellery or silver household items)
  • Purchasing through a trusted and authenticated source of silver, especially when buying in larger quantities.
  • Daily rates of silver
  • Ensuring proper certification of the silver to be purchased
  • Ensuring it has all the necessary markings to authenticate or assure the purity of the metal.

2. How to ensure that I get maximum return on silver purchased?

Silver Investment can be made in multiple forms like silver coins and silver bars and bullions. These forms provide maximum returns to the customer at the time of resale as there is no reduction in value on account of any other metal or making charges, etc.

3. What is the highest purity of silver?

The highest purity of silver that is available in the market is 9999 fineness. It certifies that the silver is the purest i.e., 99.9% pure.

4. What are the ways for a person to trade in silver?

Silver can be traded through the futures market or commodity market. In India there are no ETF markets so customers can trade silver through an ETF in the US market or MCX and NCDEX. On the MCX and NCDEX market silver can be traded in the contract sizes or lots of 1 kg silver and such contracts are not spot contracts.

5. What are the sources of purchasing silver?

Customers can purchase silver through many sources like certified e-commerce sellers, jewelers, private dealers, authorized sellers or even through banks.
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