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Today Silver Rates In Chandigarh

27 Jun 2022

silver rate today india


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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram59.6959.70-0.02%
10 gram5969459705-0.02%

Silver Rates In Chandigarh for Last 90 Days

27 Jun 2022

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2022-06-27₹ 60.69₹ 59,694
2022-06-26₹ 60.70₹ 59,705
2022-06-24₹ 59.24₹ 59,239
2022-06-23₹ 60.35₹ 60,342
2022-06-21₹ 61.74₹ 60,736
2022-06-20₹ 61.02₹ 61,025
2022-06-19₹ 61.97₹ 60,972
2022-06-17₹ 62.52₹ 61,522
2022-06-16₹ 61.05₹ 61,047
2022-06-14₹ 60.57₹ 59,573
2022-06-13₹ 61.21₹ 61,209
2022-06-12₹ 62.74₹ 61,734
2022-06-11₹ 62.74₹ 61,735
2022-06-10₹ 61.82₹ 60,818
2022-06-09₹ 62.00₹ 62,003
2022-06-08₹ 62.24₹ 62,238
2022-06-07₹ 62.96₹ 61,958
2022-06-06₹ 61.43₹ 61,433
2022-06-05₹ 61.46₹ 61,464
2022-06-04₹ 61.46₹ 61,465
2022-06-03₹ 63.67₹ 62,670
2022-06-02₹ 61.99₹ 60,989
2022-06-01₹ 61.52₹ 60,512
2022-05-31₹ 61.40₹ 61,402
2022-05-30₹ 62.80₹ 61,793
2022-05-29₹ 62.99₹ 61,984
2022-05-28₹ 62.99₹ 61,984
2022-05-27₹ 61.49₹ 61,498
2022-05-26₹ 61.46₹ 61,464
2022-05-25₹ 62.76₹ 61,753
2022-05-24₹ 61.79₹ 60,786
2022-05-23₹ 62.68₹ 61,676
2022-05-22₹ 61.06₹ 61,058
2022-05-21₹ 61.06₹ 61,058
2022-05-20₹ 61.18₹ 61,180
2022-05-19₹ 60.90₹ 59,902
2022-05-18₹ 60.48₹ 60,474
2022-05-17₹ 61.63₹ 60,632
2022-05-16₹ 59.28₹ 59,277
2022-05-15₹ 59.01₹ 59,009
2022-05-14₹ 59.01₹ 59,009
2022-05-13₹ 58.98₹ 57,978
2022-05-12₹ 60.28₹ 60,279
2022-05-11₹ 59.29₹ 59,289
2022-05-10₹ 61.90₹ 60,903
2022-05-09₹ 62.88₹ 61,882
2022-05-08₹ 62.07₹ 62,072
2022-05-07₹ 62.07₹ 62,072
2022-05-06₹ 62.06₹ 62,056
2022-05-05₹ 63.09₹ 63,083
2022-05-04₹ 62.34₹ 62,335
2022-05-03₹ 63.79₹ 62,788
2022-05-02₹ 63.61₹ 62,610
2022-05-01₹ 65.86₹ 64,860
2022-04-30₹ 65.86₹ 64,860
2022-04-29₹ 65.94₹ 64,941
2022-04-28₹ 65.84₹ 64,842
2022-04-27₹ 65.24₹ 65,242
2022-04-26₹ 65.41₹ 65,409
2022-04-25₹ 67.54₹ 66,540
2022-04-24₹ 67.64₹ 66,643
2022-04-23₹ 67.64₹ 66,642
2022-04-22₹ 67.00₹ 67,000
2022-04-21₹ 69.21₹ 69,206
2022-04-20₹ 69.31₹ 69,312
2022-04-19₹ 71.04₹ 71,039
2022-04-18₹ 71.15₹ 71,153
2022-04-17₹ 71.67₹ 70,672
2022-04-16₹ 71.67₹ 70,672
2022-04-15₹ 71.64₹ 70,638
2022-04-14₹ 70.49₹ 70,491
2022-04-13₹ 70.71₹ 69,710
2022-04-11₹ 68.91₹ 67,908
2022-04-10₹ 68.86₹ 67,863
2022-04-09₹ 68.86₹ 67,863
2022-04-08₹ 67.40₹ 67,397
2022-04-07₹ 67.78₹ 66,776
2022-04-06₹ 66.21₹ 66,212
2022-04-05₹ 67.76₹ 66,764
2022-04-04₹ 68.58₹ 67,572
2022-04-03₹ 67.46₹ 67,459
2022-04-02₹ 67.46₹ 67,458
2022-04-01₹ 68.82₹ 67,821
2022-03-31₹ 68.85₹ 67,848
2022-03-30₹ 68.64₹ 67,641
2022-03-29₹ 68.26₹ 68,258
2022-03-28₹ 70.09₹ 70,091
2022-03-27₹ 70.22₹ 70,217
2022-03-26₹ 70.22₹ 70,218
2022-03-25₹ 70.25₹ 70,243

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Chandigarh

Trend of Silver Rate in Chandigarh for June 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
June 1st Rate60.6959,694
June 27th Rate61.5260,512
Highest June Rate63.6762,670
Lowest June Rate59.2459,239

Trend of Silver Rate in Chandigarh for May 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
May 1st Rate61.4061,402
May 31th Rate65.8664,860
Highest May Rate65.8664,860
Lowest May Rate58.9857,978

Trend of Silver Rate in Chandigarh for April 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
April 1st Rate65.8664,860
April 30th Rate68.8267,821
Highest April Rate71.1571,153
Lowest April Rate65.8464,842

Trend of Silver Rate in Chandigarh for March 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
March 1st Rate68.8567,848
March 31th Rate66.4666,461
Highest March Rate73.0673,057
Lowest March Rate66.4666,461

Trend of Silver Rate in Chandigarh for February 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
February 1st Rate66.2266,222
February 28th Rate60.4660,458
Highest February Rate66.3666,356
Lowest February Rate60.3960,385


Silver and gold are the most popular among all precious metals. Silver along with gold has multiple uses besides being used for ornamental purposes. These purposes include industrial uses, commercial uses as well as medical purposes in certain cases.

Silver rates are ever changing and fluctuating based upon a variety of factors and the best way to make a timely purchase of silver is to track the rates and observe the trend of the silver prices. This ensures that buyers and sellers get the best price for the metal.

Silver rates in Chandigarh like all other places are also very dynamic and the details regarding the same are highlighted below.

Factors affecting Silver Prices in Chandigarh

The factors affecting silver prices are multiple. These factors affect the silver rates directly or indirectly. They are also known as internal or external factors and traders are therefore required to keep a track of all such factors in order to trade in silver effectively and maximize their profits. Some of such factors are mentioned below.

Individual or Personal  Demand

Demand for any product is the essential factor in determining its prices. In case of silver too, its demand is the crucial factor along with its supply in the union territory of Chandigarh. The individual or personal demand for silver is considered in all its forms like coins, bars, household items and jewellery.

Industrial or Commercial Demand

The industrial or commercial demand for silver is referred in the bulk quantities. Silver as mentioned above, can be used for personal as well as industrial or commercial or medical purposes.

Supply of Silver in market

Supply of silver along with the demand for the product is the basic dynamics of determining the prices of this product. If the supply is too much in comparison to the demand, prices reduce and vice versa.

Gold Prices

Silver and Gold are heavily traded in the commodity market. Gold prices influence the prices for silver and usually pull them in a similar trend.


Inflation of a country influences the silver prices and is directly proportional to the same. Customers have to track the inflation of the country on a regular basis in order to get the best rates to invest or purchase for personal reasons.

Mining Cost

The mining cost of silver is the intrinsic cost that affects the silver rates across the country. It is directly proportional to the silver rates.

Ancillary Costs

Imports costs and storage or warehousing costs are considered as the ancillary costs affecting the final pricing of this precious metal. Although ancillary, such costs are also directly proportional to the silver prices and dependent on the demand for silver. This demand will be considered in both the forms i.e., individual market demand as well as the industrial or commercial or medicinal demand for silver.

External or unrelated factors

Such factors are not directly related to the metal in any way but are nevertheless crucial in determining the prices for silver. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

  • Dollar Fluctuations
  • Government Policies
  • Geo-political scenario
  • Import and Export Policies
  • Crude Prices

Silver as Investment

Silver is an excellent mode of investment. Silver can be traded on the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). These platforms are not available in our country and hence customers can trade on such platforms available in the US. They will first have to register with a recognized stock broker.

Another mode of trading silver is through the futures market and the commodity market. Silver is traded here in lot sizes of 1 kg each.

Silver that is purchased in the form of coins or bars or bullions from authorized dealers or even from banks is the best form of investment as customers can get maximum returns upon resale. Value of silver in such form is not reduced on account of marking charges or on account of any other metals or stones embedded in it.

Factors to be Considered while Purchasing Silver

There are several factors to be considered while purchasing silver. Such factors are relevant as they ensure that the customers get the best price for the silver purchased as well as the purity desired by them. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

  • Form in which silver is purchased
  • Purpose of purchasing silver whether for personal use or investment purposes
  • Quantity of silver to be purchased
  • Source of purchasing silver
  • Certification of silver
  • Daily prices of silver
  • Purity of silver

People Also Ask Silver Rate Chandigarh

1. What are some of the external factors that affect the prices of silver in Chandigarh?

Some of the external factors that affect the prices of silver in Chandigarh are highlighted below.
  • Geo-political scenarios
  • Dollar fluctuations
  • Government policies
  • Import and Export policies
  • Increase in Crude Oil prices
  • Gold prices
  • Inflation

2. What are the various grades of silver purity available to customers?

Silver is available in many grades of purity. These grades are based on the highest and lowest levels of purity and are shown as a percentage. The highest level of purity of silver is 99.9%. The various grades of silver purity are tabled below.
Grade Fineness



















3. Where can a person purchase silver?

There are many sources of purchasing and selling silver. These sources have to be authentic and certified in order to ensure that the customers get the best quality of metal for the price they pay and such metal is also duly certified. Given below are the many trusted and authentic sources of purchasing and selling silver.
  • Certified jewelers
  • Banks
  • Private dealers
  • Authorized sellers
  • Certified E-Commerce Portals

4. What are the markings that are necessary on silver that is purchased or sold in any form?

Silver has to be duly marked and certified so as to ensure that the customers get the best prices for their silver and the metal is of the correct purity as desired by them. Such markings include the following,
  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Mark
  • Year of Marking
  • Assay Centre’s identification mark
  • Jeweler’s / Manufacturer’s Identification Symbol
  • Purity Grade Indicator

5. How to ensure that silver is pure?

Silver purity can be determined through many tests. These tests are very simple and do not require any excessive measures. Some of these tests can be as follows Magnet test Buyer has to run a magnet over the silver to be tested. If the silver is attracted to the magnet, such metal is not pure and has some other metal or alloy in it. Stink test Silver does not have any odor. If the silver to be tested has some odor then such metal is not considered to be pure. Ice test Another test is the ice test which requires the buyer to place a cube on the silver to be tested. If the ice cube melts at a higher or a faster pace, then such metal is pure.
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