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Today Silver Rates In Delhi

27 May 2024

silver rate today india


( Per Gram )

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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram75.8674.921.24%
10 gram75861749241.24%

Silver Rates In Delhi for Last 90 Days

27 May 2024

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-11-27₹ 76.86₹ 75,861
2023-11-26₹ 75.92₹ 74,924
2023-11-25₹ 75.92₹ 74,924
2023-11-24₹ 73.97₹ 72,971
2023-11-23₹ 73.93₹ 72,929
2023-11-22₹ 73.24₹ 73,244
2023-11-21₹ 73.19₹ 73,187
2023-11-20₹ 73.87₹ 72,868
2023-11-19₹ 73.05₹ 73,052
2023-11-18₹ 73.05₹ 73,052
2023-11-17₹ 73.29₹ 73,287
2023-11-16₹ 72.74₹ 71,735
2023-11-15₹ 71.80₹ 70,803
2023-11-14₹ 69.79₹ 68,790
2023-11-13₹ 68.24₹ 68,235
2023-11-12₹ 69.56₹ 68,556
2023-11-11₹ 69.56₹ 68,556
2023-11-10₹ 70.84₹ 69,845
2023-11-09₹ 70.62₹ 69,623
2023-11-08₹ 69.47₹ 69,466
2023-11-07₹ 71.55₹ 70,554
2023-11-06₹ 71.24₹ 71,237
2023-11-05₹ 71.36₹ 71,357
2023-11-04₹ 71.36₹ 71,357
2023-11-03₹ 70.70₹ 69,700
2023-11-02₹ 71.69₹ 70,686
2023-11-01₹ 70.92₹ 69,917
2023-10-31₹ 72.56₹ 71,561
2023-10-30₹ 71.12₹ 71,119
2023-10-29₹ 71.27₹ 71,275
2023-10-28₹ 71.27₹ 71,275
2023-10-27₹ 70.21₹ 70,214
2023-10-26₹ 71.50₹ 70,501
2023-10-25₹ 71.51₹ 70,506
2023-10-24₹ 71.86₹ 70,864
2023-10-23₹ 71.15₹ 71,149
2023-10-22₹ 72.90₹ 71,904
2023-10-21₹ 72.90₹ 71,904
2023-10-20₹ 71.97₹ 70,965
2023-10-19₹ 70.27₹ 70,274
2023-10-18₹ 71.67₹ 70,672
2023-10-17₹ 69.09₹ 69,093
2023-10-16₹ 70.60₹ 69,596
2023-10-15₹ 70.92₹ 69,919
2023-10-14₹ 70.92₹ 69,919
2023-10-13₹ 67.35₹ 67,351
2023-10-12₹ 68.02₹ 68,021
2023-10-11₹ 67.24₹ 67,242
2023-10-10₹ 67.26₹ 67,258
2023-10-08₹ 66.49₹ 66,492
2023-10-07₹ 66.49₹ 66,492
2023-10-06₹ 65.66₹ 64,658
2023-10-05₹ 65.19₹ 65,186
2023-10-04₹ 65.68₹ 64,680
2023-10-03₹ 64.14₹ 64,136
2023-10-02₹ 67.49₹ 67,491
2023-10-01₹ 68.14₹ 68,138
2023-09-30₹ 68.26₹ 68,255
2023-09-29₹ 70.72₹ 69,721
2023-09-28₹ 69.28₹ 69,283
2023-09-27₹ 70.32₹ 70,315
2023-09-26₹ 71.93₹ 70,932
2023-09-25₹ 72.27₹ 72,270
2023-09-24₹ 72.34₹ 72,339
2023-09-23₹ 72.34₹ 72,339
2023-09-22₹ 72.88₹ 71,880
2023-09-21₹ 71.06₹ 71,058
2023-09-20₹ 71.18₹ 71,177
2023-09-19₹ 72.50₹ 71,501
2023-09-18₹ 71.05₹ 71,049
2023-09-17₹ 71.70₹ 70,703
2023-09-16₹ 71.70₹ 70,703
2023-09-15₹ 70.55₹ 69,552
2023-09-14₹ 70.28₹ 70,283
2023-09-13₹ 70.41₹ 70,411
2023-09-12₹ 71.76₹ 70,759
2023-09-11₹ 71.60₹ 70,604
2023-09-10₹ 70.46₹ 70,460
2023-09-09₹ 70.46₹ 70,460
2023-09-08₹ 71.99₹ 70,990
2023-09-07₹ 71.19₹ 71,191
2023-09-06₹ 72.15₹ 72,151
2023-09-05₹ 73.02₹ 73,023
2023-09-04₹ 74.92₹ 73,918
2023-09-03₹ 74.93₹ 73,929
2023-09-02₹ 74.93₹ 73,929
2023-09-01₹ 75.92₹ 74,922
2023-08-31₹ 75.27₹ 75,270
2023-08-30₹ 75.32₹ 75,319
2023-08-29₹ 74.97₹ 73,966

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Delhi


Silver has been an attractive investment option for Delhiites. The primary reason for the huge demand for silver in Delhi is the city’s huge population. A sizable portion of the nation’s silver demand comes from the city of Delhi. People love to invest in silver in every form, like utensils, coins, silverware, etc.

Delhi has long been the driver of silver price in India. Most middle- income families love investing in this metal despite the constant fluctuations in silver prices. In recent times, there has been an average increase of 6.49% in prices of silver as global demand and supply regularly fluctuates. However, the price of silver in Delhi has gone down despite the global price rise. The present silver rate in Delhi is largely attributed to a dip in overseas demand.

Silver is currently seeing a heavy demand specifically in the industrial sector. Thus, prices may well go up in the near future, considering the high demand that is expected to continue. Read on to find out more about this precious metal which is demanded across Delhi and the reasons behind the same.

Why is Silver Sought After in Delhi?

Delhi’s population is constantly on the rise, and despite the income disparity among different strata of society, silver has always remained in heavy demand. The price of silver in Delhi tends to influence the silver prices in the entire nation. The Delhi silver demand comes from almost all categories of households in the society, be it the middle class or the lower-income groups.

To delve back into the history of silver demand in Delhi, since the onset of inflation, more and more people started investing in silver mainly to set aside savings. The rate of silver started seeing a spike primarily because more people began investing in it over the years.

Most investors in Delhi prefer to buy silver in physical form. The metal is sold in Delhi in varied forms including silverware, coins, jewellery, etc. The metal also sees heavy trading on exchanges run by authorised bodies.

Investment in Silver – Is it a Good Idea?

If you are wondering whether investing in silver is a good idea, here are a few pointers that will help clarify your doubts:

  • Silver is easy to own and has a hassle-free selling process
  • Silver is cheap as compared to other precious metals like gold
  • Silver coins and silverware are attractive investments and can be passed on to future generations
  • Silver bars and coins can be easily bought and sold
  • Silver can be easily liquefied to get instant cash 
  • As compared to bank accounts or stocks, silver is a tangible asset which can even be used when bought in certain forms
  • Investors can choose the quantity of silver that they want to buy

Forms of Silver Investments

Physical Silver: Silver jewellery, silver ornaments and silverware are some of the forms of physical silver investments. Silver jewellery is very popular with Indian women since gold jewellery is unaffordable for many. Silver jewellery, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, are some of the preferred variants. Silverware is normally used for gifting purposes and can be styled as utensils. Silverware is also part of the traditional Hindu culture and is therefore preferred in many households. It is easy to purchase silver from jewellery stores, or even from authorised dealers in the city.

Silver Contracts: Silver contracts are offered by the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). The contracts are for silver of different purities, like 999 and 995 purity. Silver contracts can be bought for various weights. Silver is generally priced and sold in units of 1 kg as base weight.

Silver Coins and Bars- Silver bars and coins are forms of silver investment which can be stored and used in future. For people who want to use a large amount of silver in the future, it makes sense to invest in silver bars today. Silver bars have higher purity standards and weight as compared to silver coins. They are also more cost-effective in comparison to silver coins. These can be easily stored because of their shape and size.

Silver coins also retain their characteristic value and gain value over time. Silver coins are very popular among people because of the high silver content in most forms of silver and also because their value increases over time.

Places to Buy Silver in Delhi

People who are looking to buy silver in Delhi can approach some of the certified jewellers offering hallmark jewellery. Some of the reputed and established jewellers in Delhi include Gandaram Jewellers, Ram Jewellers, PC Jewellers, Prince Jewellers, Rama Krishna Jewellers, Mehrasons, Jewellery Mart, Tanishq etc.

A lot of people also find it comfortable to buy silver from local jewellers, since they offer the precious metal at far lesser making charges as compared to the reputed brands.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Silver

Silver jewellery is preferred by a lot of investors due to its affordability, durability and wide variety of silver designs available in the market today. However, it is important to check the metal’s purity before purchasing it in any form. This reduces the chances of any kind of fraud and a higher resale value can be fetched for the metal in the future. Here are some of the points to note before investing in silver:

  • The best form of silver is sterling silver and is made up of .925 or 925. This indicates 92.5% purity of the silver. A lesser purity range will not have the same shine and lustre.
  • Always look for a purity stamp on the silver.
  • Exchanging old silver jewellery for new is also one of the options to stay within budget.
  • Make sure to check the return policy with the jeweller or silver store.
  • In case it is being bought online, ensure that the dealer is well-established. Ensure to check the day’s rates before making the purchase.

Silver Price Fluctuations in Delhi

Silver rates in Delhi have recently started moving in the same direction as the international market prices. Due to the recent international rally, there had been a sharp spike in silver rates in Delhi. However, the movement has slowed down in the past few days despite changes in global prices of silver.

It has been observed in the last 12 months that the metal has had a steady trend when it comes to prices. In the current market scenario, which is highly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, many people are avoiding investment in physical silver. Instead, they are buying it from MCX, since silver contracts bought from the exchange are likely to have better returns in the short run. It is also ideal since it does not require any physical storage and there is no risk of theft attached.

People Also Ask Silver Rate Delhi

1. How is the silver rate calculated?

Daily silver price is calculated using various factors including crude oil prices, economic events, geopolitical scenario, dollar value, commodity prices, industrial demand, policy changes on import and export, etc.

2. Do the silver prices keep changing?

Yes, silver prices keep changing on a daily basis. The frequency and rate of change could differ based on various movements in economic factors and government policy changes.

3. How can I fetch the best silver prices in Delhi?

For getting the best silver rates in Delhi, you must compare the prices offered by different silver jewellers and sellers. This will help you gauge the best quality silver and find the best rates which you would like to buy at.

4. What are the factors to keep in mind while buying silver in Delhi?

Always ensure to check for the quality of silver apart from the prices while buying the precious metal. It is the quality which will fetch you higher resale value in the future.
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