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Today Silver Rates In Tripura

23 Jun 2024

silver rate today india


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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram73.5872.671.24%
10 gram73582726731.24%

Silver Rates In Tripura for Last 90 Days

23 Jun 2024

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-11-27₹ 74.58₹ 73,582
2023-11-26₹ 73.67₹ 72,673
2023-11-25₹ 73.67₹ 72,673
2023-11-24₹ 71.78₹ 70,779
2023-11-23₹ 71.74₹ 70,738
2023-11-22₹ 71.04₹ 71,044
2023-11-21₹ 71.99₹ 70,988
2023-11-20₹ 71.68₹ 70,679
2023-11-19₹ 71.86₹ 70,857
2023-11-18₹ 71.86₹ 70,857
2023-11-17₹ 71.09₹ 71,085
2023-11-16₹ 70.58₹ 69,580
2023-11-15₹ 69.68₹ 68,676
2023-11-14₹ 67.72₹ 66,723
2023-11-13₹ 66.19₹ 66,185
2023-11-12₹ 67.50₹ 66,496
2023-11-11₹ 67.50₹ 66,496
2023-11-10₹ 68.75₹ 67,747
2023-11-09₹ 68.53₹ 67,531
2023-11-08₹ 67.38₹ 67,380
2023-11-07₹ 68.43₹ 68,435
2023-11-06₹ 69.10₹ 69,098
2023-11-05₹ 69.21₹ 69,214
2023-11-04₹ 69.21₹ 69,214
2023-11-03₹ 68.61₹ 67,606
2023-11-02₹ 69.56₹ 68,563
2023-11-01₹ 68.82₹ 67,817
2023-10-31₹ 69.41₹ 69,411
2023-10-30₹ 69.98₹ 68,983
2023-10-29₹ 69.13₹ 69,134
2023-10-28₹ 69.13₹ 69,134
2023-10-27₹ 68.10₹ 68,105
2023-10-26₹ 68.38₹ 68,383
2023-10-25₹ 68.39₹ 68,388
2023-10-24₹ 69.74₹ 68,735
2023-10-23₹ 69.01₹ 69,012
2023-10-22₹ 70.74₹ 69,744
2023-10-21₹ 70.74₹ 69,744
2023-10-20₹ 69.83₹ 68,834
2023-10-19₹ 68.16₹ 68,163
2023-10-18₹ 69.55₹ 68,549
2023-10-17₹ 67.02₹ 67,017
2023-10-16₹ 68.51₹ 67,505
2023-10-15₹ 68.82₹ 67,819
2023-10-14₹ 68.82₹ 67,819
2023-10-13₹ 65.33₹ 65,328
2023-10-12₹ 66.98₹ 65,978
2023-10-11₹ 65.22₹ 65,222
2023-10-10₹ 65.24₹ 65,237
2023-10-08₹ 65.50₹ 64,495
2023-10-07₹ 65.50₹ 64,495
2023-10-06₹ 63.72₹ 62,716
2023-10-05₹ 63.23₹ 63,228
2023-10-04₹ 63.74₹ 62,737
2023-10-03₹ 62.21₹ 62,210
2023-10-02₹ 65.46₹ 65,463
2023-10-01₹ 66.09₹ 66,091
2023-09-30₹ 66.20₹ 66,205
2023-09-29₹ 68.63₹ 67,626
2023-09-28₹ 67.20₹ 67,202
2023-09-27₹ 68.20₹ 68,203
2023-09-26₹ 69.80₹ 68,801
2023-09-25₹ 70.10₹ 70,099
2023-09-24₹ 70.17₹ 70,166
2023-09-23₹ 70.17₹ 70,166
2023-09-22₹ 70.72₹ 69,721
2023-09-21₹ 69.92₹ 68,924
2023-09-20₹ 69.04₹ 69,039
2023-09-19₹ 69.35₹ 69,353
2023-09-18₹ 69.91₹ 68,914
2023-09-17₹ 69.58₹ 68,579
2023-09-16₹ 69.58₹ 68,579
2023-09-15₹ 68.19₹ 68,185
2023-09-14₹ 68.17₹ 68,172
2023-09-13₹ 68.30₹ 68,296
2023-09-12₹ 69.63₹ 68,634
2023-09-11₹ 68.48₹ 68,483
2023-09-10₹ 68.34₹ 68,343
2023-09-09₹ 68.34₹ 68,343
2023-09-08₹ 69.86₹ 68,858
2023-09-07₹ 69.05₹ 69,052
2023-09-06₹ 70.98₹ 69,984
2023-09-05₹ 71.83₹ 70,829
2023-09-04₹ 72.70₹ 71,697
2023-09-03₹ 72.71₹ 71,708
2023-09-02₹ 72.71₹ 71,708
2023-09-01₹ 73.67₹ 72,672
2023-08-31₹ 73.01₹ 73,009
2023-08-30₹ 73.06₹ 73,057
2023-08-29₹ 72.74₹ 71,744

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Tripura


Silver in India is considered to be auspicious. It is typically used to render jewels and religious puja items. In domestic demand, it comes right next to gold. A variety of stores have silver readily available. Future exchanges and Silver ETFs (in the US markets) also make transactions in silver through silver coins and silver bars.

Also in many industries, silver is a key component. It is used in the development of the most frequent digital gadgets like mobile phones and tabs. Silver is also a vital component in the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels for motor vehicles and solar panels.

In India, silver values are strongly affected by foreign markets, which tend to fluctuate pretty much every day. The value of the US Dollar against the Indian rupee is also contingent.

Availability of Silver in India

India's main source of silver is imported, but in Rajasthan and Jharkhand, we have a few silver mines. Silver is extracted from the mining of lead, zinc, copper and gold ores as a by-product.

In silver production, Mexico ranks number one, followed by Peru, Australia, China, Chile and many others. Silver supply has met demand since the late 1970s which has contributed to higher silver prices. In India, with the key fulfilment of silver demand by imports, the global supply factors have great effects on its price. Processes to enhance the recovery of silver and gold during the mining process are being introduced.

Silver Market in Tripura

In any Tripura home, silver is a widely acquired precious metal. While they are mostly purchased in jewellery form, puja products & household products are also some of the silver products purchased by consumers. Silver is a reliable commodity that has shown steady returns over the years.

Silver purchase in the form of jewellery and other household items

Tripura is popular for its colourful and chunky jewellery. They wear a type of coin necklace made of silver, which is considered a part of their traditional attire. Tripura women also wear bangles, nose rings and earrings, primarily made of silver.

There is no scarcity of jewellery stores in Tripura. In almost every jewellery shop here, silver jewellery and household articles are readily available. In India, silver jewellery is widely used by men and women. Kids are decorated with silver jewels such as anklets, bangles and earrings in particular.

Silver isn't that costly, so it is considered the ‘poor man’s gold’. Silver jewels are very affordable and not so expensive as gold and platinum. They come with lots of attractive designs and are easy to produce. Because of their affordability, people prefer silver for many of their jewellery items.

The drawback for purchasing silver jewels is the heavy charges and the very poor resale value of your silver jewels. It leads to a big loss, whether you intend on selling or exchanging your old silver jewels or items.

Purchase of Silver Coins and Gift Items in Tripura

Silver is often recognised as a beautiful gift by many in Tripura. People in particular add presents to their lives on many special occasions. For anniversaries, weddings, house warming parties, dinners, company presents and many others, silver coins are one of the most famous options for all gifts. They are available at most jewellery shops. It is also possible to buy licenced and verified silver coins from post offices and banks.

While silver coins are an enticing alternative for gold, they are also not beneficial when you go to resell them. You lose money in the form of wastage deduction and also have to pay additional for the items you wish to purchase or exchange. For many therefore, silver coins are not really appealing.

Silver Futures Trading in Tripura

Trading for Silver Futures is a very good business investment opportunity. Tripura residents can invest through the MCX network in the Silver Futures exchange. The Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) is a cutting-edge commodity futures exchange that enables the online trading of commodity derivative exchanges as well as offering an opportunity to analyse and control the market.

A Silver Futures is a legally binding deal to supply silver at a negotiated future price. The number, quality, period and place of distribution are decided in a potential trade deal, only the price varies. Usually, futures contracts shall be exchanged on an exchange where a party consents to acquire and take delivery at a certain date of a certain amount of shares or product.

You must take the help of a broker who is a stock exchange member to deal in silver futures. Even smaller investors will have access to silver future portfolios. Since they are available in different sizes including 30 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg, smaller investments are simple to make. Until the expiry day, you don't have to keep it. When you figure out that the price of silver isn't going to your advantage, you can call it off some time before that.

Silver futures trading has many advantages. Firstly, it is an important protective measure against other investments. Since silver is normally heading to equity in the opposite direction, your capital losses may be compensated by future income. Without distribution of the commodity, you will benefit from price fluctuations in silver and think of safety and purity. Since these futures are traded actively, liquidity does not have to be thought of.

The drawback is that low margins will overextend you and lead to losing a lot. The swings in silver futures can also be hard to deal with in order to find the right time to book profits or reduce losses.

Silver ETFs in Tripura

In Tripura, or even in India, there are no Silver ETF schemes. Silver ETFs listed on the United States market may be opted by buyers. They need brokering for international stock markets or they are sponsored in international stock market trade through stock brokers.

Factors affecting Silver Rates in Tripura

Silver prices in India are primarily influenced by global silver prices. Consequently, the effect on Tripura prices from silver prices globally and in India is instructive.

Australia, Bolivia, Kazakhstan and Mexico are concentrated in silver deposits. It will lead to a higher supply disruption of silver in the two main mines because silver is still highly vulnerable.

Supply & Demand: One explanation why the metal is so important is the equation of supply and demand for silver: supply is constrained but demand persists. However, the underlying economic truth in economies is that every rise or decline of supply or demand, sometimes compared to change itself would shift rates. For instance, if a strike prevents the mining of a major supplier, the prices of silver will rise in the short term. Likewise, the latest use of silver, as in solar panels, would produce more sales and raise market pressure.

Technology: In reality, in more realistic applications, modern technology is starting to replace silver. New kinds of aluminium alloys, for instance, are suitable substitutes for expensive mirrors. The same applies in many homes instead of standard silver goods to widely used stainless steel cookware. However, new demands from photovoltaic solar systems and various green applications typically turn technology into a net bullish driver for silver demand and values.

Global Economy Trend: People spend a lot during good economic times on jewellery and articles containing precious metals, for instance silver. Such purchasing is also the first to be postponed whether wages stagnate or decline. Economic and growth levels are seen as a significant predictor of this demand category in emerging markets. But even in tough economic times, expensive items, such as watches and fine jewels, are always desired. High-end trend analyses are also an indicator of the global economic patterns that affect silver prices.

Indian Rupee against the US Dollar: The U.S. dollar as the world's leading currency typically has an inverse connection to silver prices. Participants in the silver industry see a long dollar past that has placed pressure on silver prices. At the moment, the dollar being high to average, many experienced buyers are seeing the dollar decline by seeking bargain rates for sales.


1. Where can I buy Silver Futures in India?

Silver Futures are traded on the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL).

2. What is the minimum quantity of silver to be bought on the NSEL?

The minimum trading quantity is one lot of 100 demated units of E-Silver, which is equivalent to 100 grams of Silver.

3. How to check Silver Live Rate on the CreditMantri website?

You can logon to CreditMantri’s Silver Rate page to check the Madhya Pradesh Live Silver Rate and make an informed decision about your Silver Investment based on the most up to date information available. Click on Community, select Resources and then go to Silver Rate. Here, you can find the state wise silver rates for the day.

4. What are some factors affecting silver rates in India?

Silver rates in India are primarily determined by industrial demand, investment demand, import costs & Rupee Vs. Dollar rates.

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