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Today Silver Rates In Uttarakhand

29 May 2023

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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram68.8568.93-0.12%
10 gram6885468932-0.11%

Silver Rates In Uttarakhand for Last 90 Days

29 May 2023

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-05-29₹ 69.85₹ 68,854
2023-05-28₹ 69.93₹ 68,932
2023-05-27₹ 69.93₹ 68,932
2023-05-26₹ 68.75₹ 67,748
2023-05-25₹ 68.02₹ 68,022
2023-05-24₹ 69.48₹ 69,477
2023-05-23₹ 70.86₹ 69,859
2023-05-22₹ 71.52₹ 70,517
2023-05-21₹ 71.79₹ 70,786
2023-05-20₹ 71.73₹ 70,729
2023-05-19₹ 69.43₹ 69,431
2023-05-18₹ 70.04₹ 70,044
2023-05-17₹ 70.10₹ 70,096
2023-05-16₹ 71.97₹ 70,974
2023-05-15₹ 71.87₹ 70,871
2023-05-14₹ 71.56₹ 70,557
2023-05-13₹ 71.61₹ 70,605
2023-05-12₹ 71.59₹ 70,589
2023-05-11₹ 74.47₹ 74,470
2023-05-10₹ 75.23₹ 75,229
2023-05-09₹ 75.92₹ 74,925
2023-05-08₹ 75.07₹ 75,074
2023-05-07₹ 75.15₹ 75,150
2023-05-06₹ 75.15₹ 75,150
2023-05-05₹ 76.43₹ 76,427
2023-05-04₹ 76.65₹ 75,647
2023-05-03₹ 74.12₹ 74,120
2023-05-02₹ 73.96₹ 72,956
2023-05-01₹ 73.15₹ 73,152
2023-04-30₹ 73.34₹ 73,344
2023-04-29₹ 73.34₹ 73,344
2023-04-28₹ 73.00₹ 73,002
2023-04-27₹ 73.02₹ 73,018
2023-04-26₹ 74.57₹ 73,574
2023-04-25₹ 74.09₹ 74,090
2023-04-24₹ 73.48₹ 73,475
2023-04-23₹ 74.69₹ 73,689
2023-04-22₹ 74.69₹ 73,689
2023-04-21₹ 74.29₹ 74,290
2023-04-20₹ 75.69₹ 74,690
2023-04-19₹ 74.09₹ 74,092
2023-04-18₹ 73.42₹ 73,420
2023-04-17₹ 74.43₹ 74,429
2023-04-16₹ 74.43₹ 74,429
2023-04-15₹ 74.37₹ 74,370
2023-04-12₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-11₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-10₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-09₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-08₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-07₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-06₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-05₹ 70.37₹ 70,374
2023-04-04₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-04-03₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-04-02₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-04-01₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-31₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-30₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-29₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-28₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-27₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-26₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-25₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-24₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-23₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-22₹ 67.62₹ 66,618
2023-03-21₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-20₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-19₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-18₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-17₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-16₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-15₹ 64.93₹ 63,935
2023-03-14₹ 64.36₹ 64,356
2023-03-13₹ 61.64₹ 60,640
2023-03-12₹ 60.29₹ 60,295
2023-03-11₹ 60.19₹ 60,194
2023-03-10₹ 59.93₹ 58,934
2023-03-09₹ 59.80₹ 58,805
2023-03-08₹ 59.96₹ 58,957
2023-03-07₹ 62.91₹ 61,905
2023-03-06₹ 62.26₹ 62,265
2023-03-05₹ 62.26₹ 62,265
2023-03-04₹ 62.26₹ 62,264
2023-03-03₹ 62.57₹ 61,569
2023-03-02₹ 62.87₹ 61,868
2023-03-01₹ 62.86₹ 61,860
2023-02-28₹ 61.08₹ 61,084
2023-02-27₹ 62.66₹ 61,658

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Uttarakhand

Trend of Silver Rate in Uttarakhand for May 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
May 1st Rate69.8568,854
May 29th Rate73.1573,152
Highest May Rate76.4376,427
Lowest May Rate68.7567,748

Trend of Silver Rate in Uttarakhand for April 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
April 1st Rate73.3473,344
April 30th Rate67.6266,618
Highest April Rate75.6974,690
Lowest April Rate67.6266,618

Trend of Silver Rate in Uttarakhand for March 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
March 1st Rate67.6266,618
March 31th Rate62.8661,860
Highest March Rate67.6266,618
Lowest March Rate59.858,805

Trend of Silver Rate in Uttarakhand for February 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
February 1st Rate61.0861,084
February 28th Rate69.3569,354
Highest February Rate70.8469,839
Lowest February Rate61.0861,084

Trend of Silver Rate in Uttarakhand for January 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
January 1st Rate69.9868,984
January 31th Rate71.0271,020
Highest January Rate71.1471,142
Lowest January Rate68.1268,124


Uttarakhand is quite popular for its colourful and intricately crafted silver jewellery. The Nathuli, or Nath, the traditional nose ring of the Uttarakhand bride, is an important part of their tradition. The weight and the number of pearls weaved into the ‘Nath’, indicates the social status of the bride. Uttarakhand women wear many other pieces of silver jewellery, which are part of their daily lives.

Silver as an Investment option in Uttarakhand

Silver is considered highly appealing in India. It is used for making jewellery and household and religious puja items. It is rising next to gold in domestic demand. A number of shops provide convenient access to silver. Future trade and Silver ETFs also trade in silver by silver coins and silver bars on US markets.

Silver is also a crucial ingredient of many sectors. It is used to create the most popular digital products, such as smartphones and tabs. In the making of photovoltaic panels for engine cars and solar panels, silver is indeed important.

In India, international markets, which appear to fluctuate equally every day, impact silver prices heavily. The US dollars’ worth is also influencing the Indian rupee, which in turn affects silver rates.

Availability of Silver in India

India's main source of silver is imported, but in Rajasthan and Jharkhand, we have a few silver mines. Silver is extracted from the mining of lead, zinc, copper and gold ores as a by-product.

In silver production, Mexico ranks number one, followed by Peru, Australia, China, Chile and many others. Silver supply has met demand since the late 1970s which has contributed to higher silver prices. In India, with the key fulfilment of silver demand by imports, the global supply factors have great effects on its price. Processes to enhance the recovery of silver and gold during the mining process are being introduced.

Silver purchase in the form of jewellery and other household items

Silver is an inherited precious metal in several houses in Uttarakhand. Though most of them are bought in jewellery form, puja products and household goods are also some of the silver products that customers buy. Silver is a trustworthy metal that has shown stable returns over the years.

In Uttarakhand, there is no lack of jewellery stores. Silver jewellery and household items are readily available in almost every jewellery store here. In Uttarakhand it is popular for men and women to wear silver jewellery. Children are adorned with silver jewels, particularly anklets, bangles and earrings.

Silver is not that expensive, so it is considered the 'poor man's gold'. Gold and silver are very affordable and not as expensive. They have many appealing styles and are easy to make. Due to their affordability, for many of their pieces of jewellery, people choose silver.

Silver Coins and Silver Gift Options in Uttarakhand

Silver is also considered as a lovely present in Uttarakhand. There are also special days where people offer gifts to others. Silver coins are one of the most popular choices as gift for anniversaries, weddings, house warming celebrations, parties, business presents and many others. Most of the jewellery shops sell silver coins and silver gift articles. Registered and verified silver coins can also be bought from post offices and banks.

Though silver coins are a desirable alternative to gold, they are not useful when they are sold. You are losing money as wastage charges and must spend more for things you choose to buy or exchange. Silver coins therefore aren't enticing to many people.

Silver Futures Trading in Uttarakhand

Silver Futures is an outstanding prospect for investment. The people of Uttarakhand can invest in the Silver Futures exchange through the MCX network. The Indian Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX) is a state-of-the-art commodity future trading that offers an opportunity to analyse and influence the demand in the market.

A Silver Futures is a legitimate contract that offers silver for a future price agreed. In future trade deals, the amount, quality, time and place of sale are determined. Future Trades arrangements are generally traded on the market where a party decides that a given number of shares or goods will be purchased and distributed on a certain date.

You have to take the guidance of a broker who is a fund manager for silver. In Silver Futures, silver investments will be open to even smaller buyers. Smaller investments are conveniently made since they are available in various sizes including 30 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg or 100 grams. You don't need to keep it until the expiry day. You may call the sale any time before you find out that the price of silver doesn't help yourself.

Trading in silver for the future has many opportunities. Firstly, security against other investments is an essential measure. Since silver typically goes in the opposite direction, future income will pay for your capital losses. You will benefit from market increases in silver, and no need to worry about safety and purity without the delivery of the products. Since these futures are actively traded, liquidity need not be considered.

The drawback is that low margins will overextend you and lead to losing a lot. The swings in silver futures can also be hard to deal with in order to find the right time to book profits or reduce losses.

Silver ETFs in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, or even in India, there are no Silver ETF schemes. Silver ETFs listed on the United States market may be opted by buyers. They need brokering for international stock markets or they are sponsored in international stock market trade through stock brokers.

Factors affecting Silver rates in Uttarakhand

Silver prices in India are primarily influenced by global silver prices. Australia, Bolivia, Kazakhstan and Mexico are the leading producers of silver globally. Any disruption in the supply of the global silver mines lead to fluctuations in the domestic prices of silver.

Supply & Demand: The equation of supply and demand for silver is one reason why the metal is so important: supply is limited but demand continues. However, the underlying economic fact is that any rise or decrease in supply or demand will adjust prices in comparison with increases themselves. For example, if a strike stops a big supplier from mining, silver prices would escalate rapidly. Also, silver will create more revenue and increase market demand as in solar panels.

Technology: In reality, new technology is beginning to replace silver in more practical applications. For example, modern varieties of aluminium alloys are acceptable replacements to costly mirrors. In certain households, the same applies to commonly used stainless steel cookware instead of traditional silver products. Nevertheless, technology usually becomes a net bullish catalyst for silver production and prices for modern photovoltaic solar systems and diverse green applications.

Global economic trend: People invest a great deal on jewellery and products of precious metals such as silver during good economic times. This is perhaps the first time that salaries have been delayed, whether they stagnate or drop. Economic and growth levels are seen in developing markets as a key indicator of this demand segment. But costly products, including watches and fine joys, are still needed even in difficult economic times. High-end trend analyses also display the global trends of economics which influence silver prices.

Indian Rupee vs US Dollars: The US dollar usually has the opposite relation with silver values, as the world's leading currency. Silver market insiders see a long dollar history in which silver prices have been under attack. Currently, with the dollar high to medium, many seasoned consumers see the dollar fall by looking for sales bargaining prices.


1. How to check Silver Live Rate on the CreditMantri website?

You can logon to CreditMantri’s Silver Rate page to check the live silver rates at leading cities and states. This will help you make an informed decision about your Silver Investment based on the most up to date information available. Click on Community, select Resources and then go to Silver Rate. Here, you can find the state wise silver rates for the day.

2. Can I buy silver online?

Yes, most e-commerce sites sell silver coins and silver jewellery. But you have to be careful with the purity and quality to prevent fraud.

3. What are the timings to trade on NSEL?

You can trade on the NSEL from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

4. What is the maximum investment allowed in e-Silver, on the NSEL?

One can buy a maximum of 50000 units, equal to 50,000 grams of silver.

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