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Which Is The Best Payment Gateway for Online Payments In India?

Ecommerce is like a fairy godmother for Indian retailers. It has opened a whole new world of customers, helping small merchants and startups escape the limitations of geography. Today, even a small business owner or entrepreneur in a remote corner of India can make it big and win customers from across the country and even overseas, thanks to eCommerce selling.

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Indian Businesses Will Be Fined If They Don't Offer Digital Payment Facility

The Government of India has recently started taking various measures to promote and encourage digital payments in the country. As part of the ‘Digital India’ campaign, the government aims to create a ‘digitally empowered’ economy that is ‘Faceless, Paperless, Cashless’.

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Top 7 Mobile Payment Apps for Small Businesses in India

With more and more Indians moving to digital payment systems, the payment industry has undergone massive changes. Point of Sales (PoS) machines have been a standard fixture at small business premises for the last two decades. Today, with an increase in mobile internet connectivity and the drive to cashless payment systems, mobile wallets are fast catching up.

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