You can prepay your SBI home loan online. Below are the steps to partially prepay your SBI home loan –

  1. You must have an SBI account in order to access net banking and make SBI home loan prepayments online. 
  2. To complete the transaction, you must add your home loan account.
  3. You can review your loan account ledger after adding the home loan account.
  4. You must transfer the home loan amount to this account in order to prepay.
  5. And this is how you can easily prepay your debt in order to pay it off.

Your home loan account functions exactly like a standard savings or checking account. It has an IFSC Code and an account number.

If you are uncomfortable using online banking, you can make a prepayment at your local bank branch. You can get support from the loan officer. You just need to write a cheque for the prepayment and have your loan account information on hand. Additionally, you will be able to use this method to finish your half payment.

If you want to pay off your loan early with SBI, you may incur prepayment penalties of up to 3%. If, however, you choose to pay off your home loan via one of SBI's other programs, there are no fees to be paid.