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Today Silver Rates In Arunachal pradesh

25 Feb 2024

silver rate today india


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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram73.5872.671.24%
10 gram73582726731.24%

Silver Rates In Arunachal pradesh for Last 90 Days

25 Feb 2024

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-11-27₹ 74.58₹ 73,582
2023-11-26₹ 73.67₹ 72,673
2023-11-25₹ 73.67₹ 72,673
2023-11-24₹ 71.78₹ 70,779
2023-11-23₹ 71.74₹ 70,738
2023-11-22₹ 71.04₹ 71,044
2023-11-21₹ 71.99₹ 70,988
2023-11-20₹ 71.68₹ 70,679
2023-11-19₹ 71.86₹ 70,857
2023-11-18₹ 71.86₹ 70,857
2023-11-17₹ 71.09₹ 71,085
2023-11-16₹ 70.58₹ 69,580
2023-11-15₹ 69.68₹ 68,676
2023-11-14₹ 67.72₹ 66,723
2023-11-13₹ 66.19₹ 66,185
2023-11-12₹ 67.50₹ 66,496
2023-11-11₹ 67.50₹ 66,496
2023-11-10₹ 68.75₹ 67,747
2023-11-09₹ 68.53₹ 67,531
2023-11-08₹ 67.38₹ 67,380
2023-11-07₹ 68.43₹ 68,435
2023-11-06₹ 69.10₹ 69,098
2023-11-05₹ 69.21₹ 69,214
2023-11-04₹ 69.21₹ 69,214
2023-11-03₹ 68.61₹ 67,606
2023-11-02₹ 69.56₹ 68,563
2023-11-01₹ 68.82₹ 67,817
2023-10-31₹ 69.41₹ 69,411
2023-10-30₹ 69.98₹ 68,983
2023-10-29₹ 69.13₹ 69,134
2023-10-28₹ 69.13₹ 69,134
2023-10-27₹ 68.10₹ 68,105
2023-10-26₹ 68.38₹ 68,383
2023-10-25₹ 68.39₹ 68,388
2023-10-24₹ 69.74₹ 68,735
2023-10-23₹ 69.01₹ 69,012
2023-10-22₹ 70.74₹ 69,744
2023-10-21₹ 70.74₹ 69,744
2023-10-20₹ 69.83₹ 68,834
2023-10-19₹ 68.16₹ 68,163
2023-10-18₹ 69.55₹ 68,549
2023-10-17₹ 67.02₹ 67,017
2023-10-16₹ 68.51₹ 67,505
2023-10-15₹ 68.82₹ 67,819
2023-10-14₹ 68.82₹ 67,819
2023-10-13₹ 65.33₹ 65,328
2023-10-12₹ 66.98₹ 65,978
2023-10-11₹ 65.22₹ 65,222
2023-10-10₹ 65.24₹ 65,237
2023-10-08₹ 65.50₹ 64,495
2023-10-07₹ 65.50₹ 64,495
2023-10-06₹ 63.72₹ 62,716
2023-10-05₹ 63.23₹ 63,228
2023-10-04₹ 63.74₹ 62,737
2023-10-03₹ 62.21₹ 62,210
2023-10-02₹ 65.46₹ 65,463
2023-10-01₹ 66.09₹ 66,091
2023-09-30₹ 66.20₹ 66,205
2023-09-29₹ 68.63₹ 67,626
2023-09-28₹ 67.20₹ 67,202
2023-09-27₹ 68.20₹ 68,203
2023-09-26₹ 69.80₹ 68,801
2023-09-25₹ 70.10₹ 70,099
2023-09-24₹ 70.17₹ 70,166
2023-09-23₹ 70.17₹ 70,166
2023-09-22₹ 70.72₹ 69,721
2023-09-21₹ 69.92₹ 68,924
2023-09-20₹ 69.04₹ 69,039
2023-09-19₹ 69.35₹ 69,353
2023-09-18₹ 69.91₹ 68,914
2023-09-17₹ 69.58₹ 68,579
2023-09-16₹ 69.58₹ 68,579
2023-09-15₹ 68.19₹ 68,185
2023-09-14₹ 68.17₹ 68,172
2023-09-13₹ 68.30₹ 68,296
2023-09-12₹ 69.63₹ 68,634
2023-09-11₹ 68.48₹ 68,483
2023-09-10₹ 68.34₹ 68,343
2023-09-09₹ 68.34₹ 68,343
2023-09-08₹ 69.86₹ 68,858
2023-09-07₹ 69.05₹ 69,052
2023-09-06₹ 70.98₹ 69,984
2023-09-05₹ 71.83₹ 70,829
2023-09-04₹ 72.70₹ 71,697
2023-09-03₹ 72.71₹ 71,708
2023-09-02₹ 72.71₹ 71,708
2023-09-01₹ 73.67₹ 72,672
2023-08-31₹ 73.01₹ 73,009
2023-08-30₹ 73.06₹ 73,057
2023-08-29₹ 72.74₹ 71,744

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Arunachal pradesh

Trend of Silver Rate in Arunachal pradesh for November 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
November 1st Rate74.5873,582
November 27th Rate68.8267,817
Highest November Rate74.5873,582
Lowest November Rate66.1966,185

Trend of Silver Rate in Arunachal pradesh for October 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
October 1st Rate69.4169,411
October 31th Rate66.0966,091
Highest October Rate70.7469,744
Lowest October Rate62.2162,210


Silver is regarded to be quite auspicious in India. It is commonly used for making household jewellery and divine puja pieces. It's rising next to gold in domestic demand. Silver is readily available in a number of outlets. Investments in silver are also made via silver coins, silver bars, Future Exchanges and Silver ETFs (in the US market).

Despite the current economic sluggishness in India and around the world, the bullion market has seen tremendous growth. Bullions are often known to be safe investments that promise wealth appreciation.

Most of the silver produced in India is a by-product of zinc mining in northern India. In addition to domestic mining, silver is also produced from the refining of manufactured minerals, such as copper concentrates, lead-zinc concentrates and doré, in India's various gold refineries.

Overview of the Silver Market in Arunachal Pradesh

There are a variety of options to invest in Silver. While much of the consumption is in the form of jewellery and household antiques, customers are increasingly opening up to Silver ETFs and Futures Trading. Silver has proven time and again its reputation in the futures market, bringing consistent returns to its owners.

Investing in silver jewellery and household items

In India, there is no lack of jewellery stores. Silver jewellery and household items are widely available in almost every jewellery store here. Silver jewellery is very widely worn by women and men in India. Children are especially decorated with silver jewellery such as anklets, bracelets and earrings.

Silver is not very costly; therefore, it's considered 'the poor man's gold.' So, silver jewellery is very inexpensive and not as costly as gold or platinum jewellery. They are easy to create and come with many appealing styles. Because of their affordability, people prefer silver to many of their jewellery pieces.

The downside to purchasing silver jewellery is the high making charges and the very low resale rate for your old silver pieces. This results in a significant loss whether you wish to sell or exchange your old silver jewellery or pieces.

Investing in Silver Coins in Arunachal Pradesh

Silver is often considered a very nice gift piece. Indians are really particular in offering presents for special events of one's life. If it's a birthday, wedding, house-warming ceremony, festivals, company gifts and much more, silver coins are one of the most sought-after gift choices for all of the above. Silver coins are also readily available, much like silver jewellery or other objects. It can be ordered from any of the jewellery stores. Certified and assayed silver coins may also be obtained from post offices and banks.

While Silver Coins is an enticing gift choice, they too are not beneficial when you go to resell them or convert them to jewellery. Certain sums are deducted as a waste and you have to pay a premium on the things you wish to buy. So, for many, silver coins are not a very enticing investment choice.

Silver Futures Trading in Arunachal Pradesh

Silver Futures Trading is a very good investment opportunity for businessmen. Residents of Arunachal Pradesh can invest in Silver Futures trading through the MCX platform. Silver Futures are traded on the MCX; India's first listed exchange, The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), is a state-of-the-art exchange of commodity derivatives that facilitates online trading of exchanges of commodity derivatives, providing a forum for market discovery and risk management.

A Silver Futures is a legally binding agreement that agrees for delivery of silver at a pre-agreed upon price in the future. A futures exchange agreement is drawn on the quantity, quality, time, and place of delivery, only the price is variable. Futures contracts typically trade on an exchange, where one party agrees to buy a given quantity of securities or a commodity, and take delivery on a certain date.

In order to trade in silver futures, you need to take the services of a broker who is a member of the stock exchange. Silver futures portfolios are also open to smaller buyers. As these are available in various sizes such as 30 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg, it is easy to make smaller investments. You don't have to keep them until the day of expiry. You may square off your spot any time before that if you find that the price of silver isn't heading to your benefit.

Advantages and disadvantages of Silver Futures

Trading in silver futures has a lot of benefits. One is that it is an effective tool to defend against other investments. Since silver usually travels in the opposite direction to equity, you can cover your capital losses with potential profits. You will benefit from market movements in silver without having to take delivery of the product and think about protection and purity. Because these futures are actively traded, you don't need to think about liquidity.

The downside is that low margins could cause you to over-extend yourself and run the risk of incurring huge losses. It may also be difficult to contend with the fluctuations of silver futures to find the best time to book gains or minimise losses.

Silver ETFs in Arunachal Pradesh

There aren’t any Silver ETF schemes in Arunachal Pradesh, or even in India, for that matter. Investors can opt for Silver ETFs listed on the US Market. They will require a broking account for international stock markets or take the assistance of stock brokers dealing in International Stock Markets.

Factors affecting silver prices in Arunachal Pradesh

The price of silver in India is primarily influenced by the global price of silver. It is therefore instructive to consider the effects of silver prices globally and in India to affect the price in Arunachal Pradesh.

Availability: Silver reserves are concentrated in countries such as Australia, Bolivia, Mexico and Kazakhstan. As a result, supply disruptions in each of these large mines could have the effect of pushing up the price of silver, as silver continues to be very vulnerable to market disruption.

Global demand & supply: In the demand front, global growth, higher production and new processing facilities would push up costs due to an increase in demand. This is owing in large part to the fact that the demand for silver already exceeds supply.

Spot price of silver: Finally, the spot price of silver also has an impact on the trading of silver bets. If the sellers are too long on the stock, they help to build a price cap, while too much of the net shorts on the stock appear to create a floor for the price of silver.

Points to remember while buying Silver

Once you have decided to buy silver or invest in silver, it is prudent to spend some time in researching the market. It will help you learn about the recent price trend of Silver to make an informed decision. Since the silver rate is highly volatile, one needs to keep a close watch to invest on the right day. Here are some pointers to help you make a decision while investing in silver;

Study the general pattern of silver prices: Silver prices need constant check, though they are largely resilient to market fluctuations. You should keep tracking it if they are for investment purposes. This will help you make the right and most educated decision whether to buy or sell. You can use the CreditMantri Silver Rate page to check the Arunachal Pradesh Live Silver Rate and make data-driven decisions about your Silver Investment based on the most up-to - date information available.

Consider exactly what sort of silver you want to acquire; Silver, like gold, comes in various types, like bars, coins, and jewellery. Every type does have its own distinct merits and disadvantages. If your intention is to sell the silver at a later date, then jewellery may not be the best option and you might consider other forms of silver investment, such as coins or bars. Decide on what sort of investment you are trying to take, so that you have a clearer idea of the pluses and minuses.

Certification Check: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) launched silver markings in 2005. There are several grades of silver purity, 9999 being of the highest fineness. The silver and silver alloys are stamped with the regular markings of the BIS-Recognized Testing and Hallmarking Centres. Silver bears 5 marks, including

  • BIS mark
  • Purity/fineness
  • Assay centre’s identification mark
  • Year of marking
  • Jeweller’s/manufacturer’s identification mark

Online Purchase Options: There are a number of online retailers currently selling silver of varying purities. Although it can be easy to purchase online, you need to be very careful about purchasing only from trusted licenced vendors as there is significant scope for adulteration of silver and fraud.

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People Also Ask Arunachal pradesh

1. How can I check the daily silver rate for Arunachal Pradesh?

You can logon to CreditMantri’s Silver Rate page to check the Arunachal Pradesh Live Silver Rate and make an informed decision about your Silver Investment based on the most up to date information available.

2. What are the disadvantages of investing in silver jewellery?

The major disadvantage of purchasing silver jewellery is that a considerable amount of money is wasted when you exchange or resell the silver jewellery items. Also, you have to pay making charges and wastage for the new items you are going to purchase.

3. What is the minimum quantity to invest in Silver Futures trading?

The minimum quantity of silver to purchase with Silver Futures is 1Kg. The 1Kg silver micro contract is the smallest silver derivative.

4. Can I buy silver online?

Yes, most e-commerce sites sell silver coins and silver jewellery. But you have to be careful with the purity and quality to prevent fraud.
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