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Today Silver Rates In Hyderabad

25 Jun 2022

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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram58.0659.14-1.86%
10 gram5805659137-1.86%

Silver Rates In Hyderabad for Last 90 Days

25 Jun 2022

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2022-06-24₹ 58.06₹ 58,056
2022-06-23₹ 59.14₹ 59,137
2022-06-21₹ 60.53₹ 59,523
2022-06-20₹ 60.80₹ 59,806
2022-06-19₹ 60.75₹ 59,755
2022-06-17₹ 60.30₹ 60,294
2022-06-16₹ 60.83₹ 59,828
2022-06-14₹ 58.38₹ 58,383
2022-06-13₹ 61.60₹ 60,602
2022-06-12₹ 61.50₹ 60,501
2022-06-11₹ 61.50₹ 60,502
2022-06-10₹ 60.60₹ 59,604
2022-06-09₹ 61.76₹ 60,764
2022-06-08₹ 61.09₹ 61,082
2022-06-07₹ 61.72₹ 60,721
2022-06-06₹ 60.21₹ 60,206
2022-06-05₹ 60.24₹ 60,237
2022-06-04₹ 60.24₹ 60,238
2022-06-03₹ 61.42₹ 61,419
2022-06-02₹ 60.77₹ 59,771
2022-06-01₹ 59.31₹ 59,304
2022-05-31₹ 60.18₹ 60,177
2022-05-30₹ 61.56₹ 60,559
2022-05-29₹ 61.75₹ 60,746
2022-05-28₹ 61.75₹ 60,746
2022-05-27₹ 60.27₹ 60,271
2022-05-26₹ 60.24₹ 60,237
2022-05-25₹ 61.52₹ 60,520
2022-05-24₹ 60.58₹ 59,573
2022-05-23₹ 60.44₹ 60,445
2022-05-22₹ 60.84₹ 59,839
2022-05-21₹ 60.84₹ 59,839
2022-05-20₹ 60.98₹ 59,981
2022-05-19₹ 59.71₹ 58,706
2022-05-18₹ 59.13₹ 59,129
2022-05-17₹ 59.42₹ 59,421
2022-05-16₹ 58.09₹ 58,094
2022-05-15₹ 58.83₹ 57,830
2022-05-14₹ 58.83₹ 57,830
2022-05-13₹ 57.82₹ 56,820
2022-05-12₹ 59.01₹ 59,017
2022-05-11₹ 58.10₹ 58,105
2022-05-10₹ 60.68₹ 59,687
2022-05-09₹ 61.61₹ 60,613
2022-05-08₹ 61.83₹ 60,833
2022-05-07₹ 61.83₹ 60,833
2022-05-06₹ 61.65₹ 60,652
2022-05-05₹ 62.83₹ 61,824
2022-05-04₹ 61.10₹ 61,091
2022-05-03₹ 62.54₹ 61,535
2022-05-02₹ 61.36₹ 61,360
2022-05-01₹ 64.56₹ 63,565
2022-04-30₹ 64.56₹ 63,565
2022-04-29₹ 64.64₹ 63,644
2022-04-28₹ 64.54₹ 63,547
2022-04-27₹ 64.95₹ 63,949
2022-04-26₹ 64.11₹ 64,102
2022-04-25₹ 65.21₹ 65,211
2022-04-24₹ 65.31₹ 65,313
2022-04-23₹ 65.31₹ 65,312
2022-04-22₹ 66.52₹ 65,515
2022-04-21₹ 68.83₹ 67,824
2022-04-20₹ 68.93₹ 67,928
2022-04-19₹ 70.62₹ 69,620
2022-04-18₹ 70.73₹ 69,732
2022-04-17₹ 69.26₹ 69,261
2022-04-16₹ 69.26₹ 69,261
2022-04-15₹ 69.23₹ 69,227
2022-04-14₹ 69.08₹ 69,083
2022-04-13₹ 68.32₹ 68,318
2022-04-11₹ 67.55₹ 66,553
2022-04-10₹ 67.50₹ 66,508
2022-04-09₹ 67.50₹ 66,508
2022-04-08₹ 66.05₹ 66,051
2022-04-07₹ 65.45₹ 65,443
2022-04-06₹ 65.89₹ 64,890
2022-04-05₹ 65.44₹ 65,441
2022-04-04₹ 66.23₹ 66,223
2022-04-03₹ 66.11₹ 66,112
2022-04-02₹ 66.11₹ 66,112
2022-04-01₹ 67.56₹ 66,562
2022-03-31₹ 66.49₹ 66,493
2022-03-30₹ 66.18₹ 66,183
2022-03-29₹ 67.69₹ 66,692
2022-03-28₹ 69.82₹ 68,828
2022-03-27₹ 69.81₹ 68,814
2022-03-26₹ 69.81₹ 68,815
2022-03-25₹ 69.84₹ 68,840
2022-03-24₹ 68.13₹ 68,136
2022-03-23₹ 66.49₹ 66,493

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Hyderabad

Trend of Silver Rate in Hyderabad for June 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
June 1st Rate58.0658,056
June 24th Rate59.3159,304
Highest June Rate61.4261,419
Lowest June Rate58.0658,056

Trend of Silver Rate in Hyderabad for May 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
May 1st Rate60.1860,177
May 31th Rate64.5663,565
Highest May Rate64.5663,565
Lowest May Rate57.8256,820

Trend of Silver Rate in Hyderabad for April 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
April 1st Rate64.5663,565
April 30th Rate67.5666,562
Highest April Rate70.7369,732
Lowest April Rate64.5463,547

Trend of Silver Rate in Hyderabad for March 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
March 1st Rate66.4966,493
March 31th Rate65.1365,134
Highest March Rate72.671,598
Lowest March Rate65.1365,134

Trend of Silver Rate in Hyderabad for February 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
February 1st Rate65.9064,899
February 28th Rate59.2559,250
Highest February Rate65.0365,031
Lowest February Rate59.2159,211


Silver is traditionally considered to be one of the most precious metals in our civilization. While metals like iron and copper are quite sturdy and have been traditionally used for kitchen purposes as well as for heavy equipment or machinery, metals like silver and gold have been considered to be precious and even auspicious in many cases.

Silver and gold along with precious and rare diamonds has also been considered royalty and has held a very sacred place in traditional rituals as well. Silver is like any other tradable commodity that is traded in recognized markets around the world. Silver rates fluctuate on a daily basis and customers have to track the rates continuously in order to get the best price while purchasing silver for personal use or as an investment.

Factors that affect Silver Rates

Hyderabad has a very rich culture and silver is an integral part of its heritage. Silver as mentioned above is not only used for personal use but is also a very important investment tool or commodity. The factors affecting the prices of silver in the city of Hyderabad are multifold like the primary demand and supply forces as well the ancillary and associated factors. Some of the factors that affect the prices of Silver in Hyd

Individual Demand

The demand for this precious metal is the driving force behind the prices for Silver in any city or State. The demand for silver is considered in all its forms like coins, bars, household items and jewellery.

Industrial Demand

The industrial demand for silver refers to the demand for the metal in bulk quantity. Silver can be used for personal as well as industrial purposes. The industrial demand apart from the individual demand are the two crucial factors that weigh on the demand side of the price dynamics for silver.

Gold Prices

Gold is another precious metal that is heavily traded in the commodity market. Gold prices are also an important factor in determining the prices for silver. When Gold prices are on the rise like in the current market, silver prices also tend to follow these trends.


Inflation in any country is another reason or factor that can alter the prices of silver. Inflation of our country is also affected by inflation of other countries. Customers can track the inflation of any country on a regular basis in order to get the best prices of metal.

Mining Cost

The mining cost of silver is also a driving force for the prices of the silver across the country. The mining cost is considered as a direct cost component that will affect the prices of silver.

Import Costs

Imports costs are part of the ancillary costs associated with the final pricing of this precious metal. Import costs are directly dependent on the demand for silver. This demand will include the individual market demand as well as the industrial demand for silver.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing Silver in Hyderabad

Like the many factors that are considered or associated with the cost of silver, there are many factors that are to be considered while making the decision to purchase silver. These factors range from the cost involved to buying the commodity at the right time. The details of such factors are mentioned below.

Form of Silver to be purchased

Silver can be bought for investment or personal use in any of the available forms. These forms include silver bars, silver coins, silver jewellery and silver household items. Silver can be purchased in any such form at the available or prevailing rates. This decision is primary in the consideration for purchasing silver.

Rate of Silver

The prevailing rate of silver is another important consideration for purchasing silver. Customers are benefited by tracking the rates of silver on a daily basis. This will ensure that customers get the best price for the product and maximize their profits if silver is purchased for investment purposes.

Silver Certification

Hyderabad city provides certification for the silver that is to be purchased by the customers. It is recommended that customers purchase certified silver. This will ensure the purity and the authenticity of the silver that is purchased by the customers.

Mode of Purchase

Another important consideration while purchasing silver is the mode of purchase of such metal. Customers can now purchase silver through various e-commerce websites. Online purchase of silver has made it extremely easy and convenient for the customers to acquire silver in retail or bulk for personal use or investment purposes. Customers have to ensure proper certification and authenticity of the website before making a purchase so as to avoid being victim of any fraud or theft of the silver purchased.

Silver can be purchased for investment purposes through the notified exchanges. Through such notified exchanges silver can be purchased in bulk quantities as well. India does not have any notified exchange for silver; hence, customers can trade through the notified silver exchange in the US market. Customers can also trade in silver through the futures market. The costs associated with trading silver in the futures market are slightly higher as compared to purchasing silver for personal use.

FAQs – Silver rate in Hyderabad

1. What are the forms in which silver can be traded in the exchange market or futures market?

The forms in which silver can be traded in the exchange market or futures market are silver coins, silver bars and bullions.

2. What is the highest purity that can be associated with silver?

The highest grade of purity that can be associated with silver is 0.9999.

3. Can a person trade in the silver through an exchange in India?

No. India does not have an exchange where silver can be traded. Customers can trade through the notified exchange in the US.

4. Does silver jewellery have any mark to ensure the purity and authenticity of the metal purchased?

Yes. Silver comes with the jeweler’s mark as well as the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) to ensure the authenticity and purity of silver purchased.

5. Can a customer purchase silver online?

Yes. Silver can be purchased online through various e-commerce websites but the customer has to ensure the authenticity and the purity of the metal before making a purchase so they can be sure that they are not defrauded or duped of their funds.

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