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Gold Rate in Hyderabad


1 gram

1 gram

25 Sep 2017 2,785.00 2,978.00
24 Sep 2017 2,831.00 3,027.81
23 Sep 2017 2,844.00 3,041.71
22 Sep 2017 2,822.00 3,018.18
21 Sep 2017 2,847.00 3,044.92
20 Sep 2017 2,827.00 3,023.53
19 Sep 2017 2,843.00 3,040.64

Today’s Gold Rate in Hyderabad

Indians, especially South Indians, love to buy gold, and the country is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world. South India, as a region, continues to be a large consumer of gold in the country with numerous jewelry establishments present throughout the region. Historically, and hyderabad is one of the leading centres of the gold trade in India.

Gold is considered an extremely important commodity in Hyderabad. As with the rest of the country, people in hyderabad purchase gold mainly in the form of ornaments. Though investments in Gold ETF’s is also gaining ground in the recent times.

Gold is popularly perceived as a relatively safe investment, especially in times of economic or political uncertainty. During relatively calm times - economically or otherwise - the gold price remains stable, while during times of conflict, the price of gold fluctuates. Although gold prices move up or down constantly, it has shown a generally upward trend in the past which has made it a preferred commodity for many investors.

If you are based in hyderabad and want to get accurate and updated information on gold rates in the city, CreditMantri provides all the data you need. In addition to live rates, you can access a comprehensive guide to the history of gold prices, and trends in the gold rate in hyderabad. Our constantly updated rates and latest updates will help you make an informed decision on when to buy or sell, get live gold rates in hyderabad, see today’s gold rate in hyderabad and evaluate trends in hyderabad's gold rate.

How to invest in gold in Hyderabad – Gold as a hedge

In hyderabad, as with most other parts of the country, gold is bought primarily as an investment, based on its significant appreciation in the past. Even though Indians in general invest in real estate on a large scale, investing in gold still forms a huge part of their investment portfolios.

Jewelry as an Investment

The most popular way of investing in gold in hyderabad remains the purchase of gold jewelry. It is common for people across all economic strata to buy gold on festive and auspicious occasions as it is commonly perceived as a relatively safe asset. The main disadvantage of to buying jewelry is that you need to pay a significant amount in the form of making charges and wastage charges, which could easily add more than 10% to the price. If you plan to sell the gold jewelry in the future, you have to keep in mind that only the weight of the gold will be taken into account, and the making charges/wastage charges for the design will not be taken into account, no matter how intricate the jewelry design is. Hence, you might not receive the same price for your jewelry as you bought it at. Buying gold jewelry for immediate use might be a viable option, but if you plan to hold it as a long term investment, then there are other more convenient and cost-effective options available.

Gold coins, biscuits and gold bars

Alternatively, you can also choose to invest in gold coins, biscuits and bars. They come with the ‘no design’ advantage, meaning there is minimal/no wastage charge when you decide to sell them. You can get coins in differing weights and buy them from banks or from a certified jewelry showroom.

Traditional forms of investing like buying gold jewelry are slowly making way for newer avenues to invest in gold, particularly in e gold and gold futures.

Gold ETFs

n recent times, new forms of investment in gold have opened up providing investors with the prospect of trading in gold, rather than buying and storing it in physical form indefinitely. Investors can now invest in Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) which are simple financial instruments that combine the flexibility of a stock investment and the simplicity of gold investments.  Investments in gold ETFs can be done online, changing the way how gold is bought and delivered, giving gold investments in India a whole new dimension.

Gold ETFs are an attractive investment instrument because of their high liquidity and the ease of investing. In order to trade in gold stocks, one must have an appetite for risk, knowledge of gold as a commodity, and familiarity with the stock markets in general. Investors need to closely observe and track the day’s current prevailing gold rate. Like all other commodity prices, gold prices tend to rise and fall for myriad economic and political reasons and being successful in this market requires constant attention, methodical monitoring of market activities, and an ability to discern pricing information.

Gold mutual funds and derivatives

Investors now also have the option to invest in mutual funds, like a fund of funds (FOF), or a fund that holds stocks of gold companies listed on the global stock exchanges. Another option for a keen investor is to trade in gold derivatives. However, to do this you will need to open an account with a commodities broker and be aware of the charges related to derivatives trading. Keep in mind that trading in derivatives is a high-risk investment option and should be only done by those who have specialized knowledge of the subject and follow the market keenly.

How to buy gold in Hyderabad

Investing in gold can be an expensive business and it is important to keep a few points in mind when choosing to make the investment. That said, buying gold can be a good investment avenue if you do it with the requisite precautions outlined below.

Research gold rates thoroughly before buying any form of gold

It is common knowledge that gold prices fluctuate on a daily basis. That is why, it is important to observe market trends and monitor the movement of gold in order to be successful in gold trading. Use CreditMantri’s gold rate page to help you make data-driven and informed decisions on your gold investments based on the most up-to-date information.

Decide what kind of gold you want to buy and for what purpose

If you are buying gold for ornamental purposes, it is wise to buy from a reputed and certified jeweler. On the other hand, if you want to buy it for investment purposes, it is wise to buy gold in the form of bars, coins, or e gold. Each form of investment comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. If your intention is to sell the gold at a later date, then jewelry might not be the best option and you need to consider other forms of more liquid investments like ETFs or gold mutual funds.

Ensure proper certification of the gold you are buying

People can be easily duped while buying gold because of the difficulty in identifying adulteration or weight. It is important to buy gold from a reputed jeweler or from a bank. Always insist on the purity certificate. This is easily the most important aspect when investing in gold. Only certain laboratories, known as Assaying and Hallmarking Centres, are authorized to certify the purity of the gold. Note that only jewelers licensed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) can get the jewelry certified at these Assaying Centers. So, it is very important to buy your gold from a licensed and certified jeweler to be assured of the purity of the gold and to ensure that you are not cheated. .

Online purchase in hyderabad

Thanks to the Internet, there are a number of online gold sellers today. While it is very convenient to buy online, you need to be very careful about buying only from trusted and certified sellers as there is great scope for adulteration of gold and cheating.

Factors affecting the gold price in Hyderabad

Just like the gold price varies between countries, similarly, the gold price varies between different cities within each country as well. The hyderabad gold rate could vary from other cities in India. The reason for this difference in gold price between various cities within the country is caused by varying demand-supply factors, transportation costs, people’s buying patterns etc. All these differences affect the final price in each city. Outlined are some of the key factors that contribute to the gold rate in hyderabad.

Transportation costs:

India relies heavily on imports for satisfying its gold needs. hyderabad, being one of the major port cities, tends to have slightly lower costs than, say, Coimbatore, which is a city situated some distance away from the port. Transportation costs associated with the metal affect the price of the gold marginally.

State taxes:

Differences in the state taxation rates on gold are a big factor in the price differentiation between various cities in India. The hyderabad gold rate is subject to state taxes imposed by the government, which may be higher or lower than other states in the country.

Hyderabad Gold Rate Today

If you are planning to buy gold in hyderabad, be sure to check the CreditMantri website for updated feeds on the gold rate. In addition to live rates, you will also have access to valuable data on gold price trends. For instance, you can compare the trends of 22K and 24 K gold rate in hyderabad. In addition, you can also check out today’s gold rate, the history of the gold rate in hyderabad, the live gold rate in hyderabad and recent price trends in the yellow metal.

Disclaimer: The information on the prices of gold rate is merely indicative and is susceptible to change with market value and is provided on an as-is basis. The information contained here is not intended as investment advice. CreditMantri is in no way responsible for any loss arising from the use of data contained in this website.

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