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Today Silver Rates In Karnataka

23 Jul 2024

silver rate today india


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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram59.930100.00%
10 gram599330100.00%

Silver Rates In Karnataka for Last 90 Days

23 Jul 2024

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2024-07-10₹ 60.93₹ 59,933

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Karnataka

Trend of Silver Rate in Karnataka for July 2024 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
July 10th Rate60.9359,933
July 10th Rate60.9359,933
Highest July Rate60.9359,933
Lowest July Rate60.9359,933


Silver and gold are traditionally considered to be among the most precious metals for ages. Even in ancient India, gold and silver were considered to be an integral part of not only the rituals but also as part of a status symbol. Even today silver and gold are considered to be a great status symbol in our society. Moreover, silver and gold along with other precious stones are considered as a great investment opportunity other than the money market or stocks.

Purchase of silver can be done for personal use as well as for investment purposes. Silver that is purchased for personal use is often in smaller quantities as compared to that for investment purposes. Silver as an investment option is further attractive due to the fact that it can be purchased in larger quantities on account of its price being lower than that of gold. Although the storage cost in such cases is considerably higher. The details related to the silver rates in the state of Karnataka are mentioned hereunder.

Purity of Silver

Silver prices also depend on the purity level of the metal. The higher the purity of this precious metal, the higher its price. There are many ways to mark and determine the purity of the silver. Also, the seller's place many marks on the silver sold in order to ascertain the purity and the genuineness of the metal sold. This ensures the buyers of the authenticity and purity of the silver purchased and safeguards their interest.

One of the easiest ways to ascertain the purity of silver is the ice test. Customers have to simply place an ice cube on the silver to perform this test. If the ice melts at a faster pace, the silver is genuine and the purity is also of high grade.

Silver can be available in many purity forms like 999 level, 9999 level and more. The highest purity level that can be associated with silver is 9999.

The various types of markings that can be placed on silver when it is sold in order to ensure the authenticity of the purchase and the purity of the metal are mentioned below.

  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Mark
  • Jeweler’s / Manufacturer’s Identification Symbol
  • Assay Centre’s identification mark
  • Marking Year
  • Purity Grade Indicator

Points to be considered while Purchasing Silver in Karnataka

There are various points to be considered while purchasing silver in the state of Karnataka. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

Purpose of purchasing Silver

The purpose of purchasing silver is one of the main considerations while getting this metal. When silver is purchased for personal use, it is generally in smaller quantities. When silver is purchased for investment purposes, it is generally in bulk. The form of silver is also determined by the purpose of its purchase. Silver purchased for investment purposes is generally in the form of coins or bars and bullions as they ensure the maximum resale value without any dilution on account of other precious stones or marking cost.

Source of purchase

Silver has to be purchased from authentic jewelers and sellers of silver or banks in order to ensure the authenticity of the metal as well as its purity. Online e-commerce websites can also be used to purchase silver. However, it is to be noted that customers have to make sure that such websites are genuine and the silver delivered is of correct purity as ordered and paid for.

Rate of Silver

The rate of silver is another important factor determining the time and quantity of purchase. Customers have to track the prices of silver on a daily basis in order to ensure that they get the best price. The rates of silver are affected or influenced due to many factors which are discussed later.

Proper certification of Silver

Certification of Silver is also an important consideration while making a purchase. Proper certified silver ensures the customers of its authenticity and purity and ensures that the buyers get the correct grade of silver that they desire. Proper certification of silver also ensures that the customers get the best resale price at the time of resale of their silver jewellery or silver in any other form held for personal or investment purposes.

Factors influencing the rates of Silver in Karnataka

There are many factors that influence or affect the rates of silver. Due to these factors, Coupled with the daily changes in the value of silver and gold in the commodity market, the prices of silver change on a daily basis. These factors that play a crucial role in determining the rates of silver are mentioned below.

FAQs – Silver rate in Karnataka

1. Are import costs associated with the final price of the metal?

Yes. Import costs are one of the many factors influencing the final price of silver. Higher import costs will naturally drive the rate of silver on the higher side.

2. What are the various forms of silver that the customers can purchase for personal or investment purposes?

The various forms in which a person can purchase silver for personal or investment reasons are

  • Silver coins
  • Silver jewellery
  • Silver bars and bullions
  • Silver household items

3. When is the best time to purchase silver?

The best time to purchase silver is when the rate of silver is on the lower side. For this, customers will have to track the silver prices on a daily basis to observe the price trend and make the best decision.

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