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Why is Loan DSA a Great Business Opportunity?

A Loan DSA or Direct Selling Agent is an individual who works as an agent for financial institutions and banks. The role of a loan DSA is to find potential customers for the financial institution they work for.

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Myths About Business Loan

Business loans are the lifeline for any business. When the business cannot wait for its internal cash flow all the time, business loans are the only option to run smoothly. Businesses turn to financial institutions for help whenever they need it. But some long-believed myths create mind blocks for pursuing business loans. Here are some of the famous myths about business loans

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Build A Business Credit Score from Scratch for A New Business

A business credit score is built on data that pertains to your financial history. Business financial history could include various lines of credit, length of credit history, payment history of business credit, loans undertaken by business, length of credit, and the purpose for which you are using your loan

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Top Ten Most Successful Small Business Ideas

Most successful small business ideas for budding entrepreneurs are the ones which do not require much capital or resources. This is because people who are just about to set foot into the business world may not get funds easily.

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Why E-Businesses Are the Future

E-businesses are the future for every entrepreneur/business as they make trade possible across boundaries. Most businesses built their online presence during the lockdown because of the Covid-19 virus. Since then, the importance of having a digital presence is one of the priority agendas for all businesses.

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E-Way Bill Validity - Check the Distance & Validity of E Way Bill

An e-Way bill is a document evidencing the transportation of goods by one party to another. The document is electronically generated and is integrated with the Goods and Service Tax (GST) portal. It contains details about the consignor, consignee, transporter, and the details of goods under shipment.

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How Credit Card Transactions on UPI will work for Businesses?

Credit cards are getting new features every day. Now credit cards can be linked as a payment method in the Unified Payment Interface applications like Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and more. This promotes increased business transactions and optimum utilisation of available credit. Let us see how using credit cards as a payment mode in UPI can help businesses.

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How To Get A Loan Using CreditFit

CreditFit is a product launched by CreditMantri. You can enhance your credit score and get loans at best market interest rates using CreditFit. We have a team of experts who will give valuable tips for these. Let us now read on to find out more about how to get a loan and the role of CreditFit in getting a loan.

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6 Ways to Lower Business Loan Interest Rates

Business loans are the preferred external funding for carrying out business operations efficiently. Be it a working capital requirement or a fixed asset purchase, you have a business loan tailored to your needs. The interest rate of a business loan ranges from 10% to 24% depending on the loan type

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What is a Good Credit Score for Business Loan?

Businesses require frequent funding to run day-to-day operations efficiently. Whenever there is a cash crunch business loans come to the rescue. Working capital loans, cash credits, overdrafts, letters of credit, invoice financing, term loans, and machinery loans are some of the types of business loans.

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How To Get A PAN Card For Your Business?

PAN is the acronym for Permanent Account Number. It is the identification number issued by the Income Tax Department of India for individuals, firms, companies, limited liability partnerships, an association of persons, trusts, a body of individuals, artificial juridical persons, and even non-residents. A PAN card is proof of identity approved by the Government of India.

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5 Basic Benefits of Current Accounts for Businesses

Your current account can give more than you expect. Know how

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How Do You Get A Business Loan?

Business loans are sought by a business to satisfy the working capital, operational, administrative and capex needs. Whether it is new, growing or established, all types of businesses are in search of funds.

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How to Get A Business Loan On An Aadhaar Card?

Do you know that you can get a business loan on an Aadhaar card? Applicants can now get a business loan of up to Rs. 1 crore using the Aadhaar card within just 48 hours. Interest rates start from as low as 1.33% per month.

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking a Small Business Loan

A small business loan comes in handy when you want to hire people, increase inventory to produce more earnings, to expand the business’s brand, etc. But, before taking a small business loan, you should be ready.

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Want To Apply For A Business Loan? Here Is A Checklist of Documents You Will Need

A business loan comes in handy when you want to expand it or deal with the existing set of challenges. It can be used to manage cash flow, expand your workspace, hire new staff, or buy new equipment or inventory.

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5 Useful MSME Business Loan Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

5 Useful MSME Business Loan Tips For Young Entrepreneurs, Advantages of MSME Business Loans

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Why are Business Loan Applications rejected?

Rejection is something that no business wants to face. This rejection might be for a new project or for business loans. But, banks and financial institutions have a certain set of criteria that need to be fulfilled before the loan application is processed.

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Frequently asked questions about Flexi Loans for business

Flexi business loans are types of business loans where the loan lender approves a loan limit for the business owner. The loan limit is generally sanctioned for a specific time period which is one year or so. Once the limit is sanctioned, the business owner can withdraw funds within the specified limit at any time.

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Top Questions to ask before taking a Business Loan

Business loans have become the go-to credit instruments in the market. Financing your business is one of the most critical concerns while managing your business. You should never take the credit option lightly for your business. Detailed research is required for anyone to procure the funds quickly and apply them to the business.

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Paytm Business Loan: Get Rs 5 Lakh Loan Instantly to Start Your Business

Paytm, one of the leading digital payment companies in India, partnered with scheduled commercial banks and NBFCs in February 2022 to provide collateral-free instant loans of up to ₹5 Lakhs at low interest rates.

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