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Common Small Business Loan Mistakes to Avoid

You are the owner of a small enterprise and you know how to run your business. But do you know what it takes to successfully apply for a small business loan? Much of the available information on loans focuses on home, auto and personal loans or other small loans. Here are some tips on how you can maximise your chances of getting a business loan application approved.Tips for securing a small business loanEnsure you have good personal credit:

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4 Common Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Planning to apply for a loan? Or if you have unsuccessfully applied for one, are you wondering why your application was rejected? Applying for a loan seems a straightforward thing to do but many people unknowingly reduce their chance of securing a loan by making some very avoidable ‘loan mistakes’.  What are some of the things that trip up your application? And more importantly, how can you avoid them when you next apply for a loan?  Some common ‘l

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Bank of India Interest Rates

Bank of India currently offers an interest rate of 4% per annum for savings bank accounts.  The rate is subject to change at any time.Bank of India Interest rate on savings accountMost banks, including Bank of India, offer an interest rate of 4% p.a. on savings bank accounts. Earlier, the RBI had laid down a uniform interest rate on savings accounts for all banks which meant that there was no difference in the amount you earned as interest, regardless o

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5 Common Small Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Even small mistakes on a small loan can have big consequences! Do not assume that because a loan is small in size it does not require much time or effort to complete.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you apply for a small loan. 1. Not researching enough Often because it is a relatively small loan, customers do not pay attention to every detail of the terms and conditions of the loan.  This can lead to unwanted complications and unnecessarily high costs in

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What is a Gold Loan – Tips and Advice

Gold loans are some of the quickest loans to be sanctioned as the banks have your gold as security in case of default, removing the need for checks on credit scores or reports. The loan can be approved, over the counter, in a matter of minutes or just a few hours. Many lenders can have your gold valued quickly and sanction the loan immediately, after verification of the purity and value of the gold

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How to calculate interest on your loan

Understanding how to calculate interest on loans will help you identify the most suitable loan for you. It will let you learn how much your loan will actually cost you so that you can make an informed decision among all the offers available.

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