Some lenders will disburse personal loans without income proof. Here are some tips to get such loans. 

Tips to Get Personal Loans Without Income Proof

  • Show income from other sources: You can highlight your income from other sources such as rental income, spousal or parental income, or interest from investments in your loan application. 
  • Have A Good Relationship with the lender: Transacting frequently through a savings or current account in a bank will help in building trust with your current lender. It will help you in getting a personal loan easily. 
  • Credit Score:  A good credit score of 685 or above will help you get a loan without income proof. 
  • Applying with a guarantor or Co-applicant: This will increase your chances of getting a personal loan and also help you get a higher loan amount. This is because the lender will take into account the co-applicant’s repaying ability.