IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service. It is a payment system that uses the internet to instantly transfer money electronically across the county, safely and securely among partner banks. This service is provided to individuals 24*7, all through the year. IMPS is available on mobile phones, thereby making it very convenient and easy to use for individuals on the move.

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) manages IMPS, in India. It can be used on both mobile platforms and net banking. Some credit card bills can be paid using IMPS. So, it is best to check if your credit card supports IMPS payment first.

How to pay credit card bill using IMPS?

  • Download your lender’s mobile application from Google Playstore or Apple app store.
  • Generate mobile PIN and activate the application.
  • Log in to your mobile banking account. 
  • Select ‘bank account’ and choose ‘IMPS’ followed by the ‘Merchant Payment’ button.
  • Enter your Bank Account Number that you wish to debit from under ‘Source Account’.
  • Enter the Merchant Mobile Number, the Mobile Money Identifier and other details asked. 
  • Enter the amount in rupees that you want to pay. 
  • Enter your Credit Card Number. 
  • Click on proceed/go and you will receive a confirmation screen.
  • Choose ‘confirm.’

Your transaction will then be completed.