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Kredit Bee Short Term Loan

KreditBee Instant Personal Loan


Max Tenure

2 – 15 months

Best Rate

1.02% P.M

Processing Fee

From Rs 85

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  1. 100% Online Process
  2. 10 Minute Loan Disbursal
  3. Direct Bank Transfer


Processing fee: Starting from Rs. 85

Documents Required

  1. ID Proof
  2. Address Proof
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About Kredit Bee Personal Loan

KreditBee is a leading digital lending platform that offers instant personal loans to eligible customers. KreditBee was founded with the aim to provide instant hassle free loans to individuals to help them meet their personal needs. The loans can be sought for any purpose like medical emergencies, weddings, travel, vacation, household repairs, etc.

KreditBee provides instant access to the loan funds within 15 minutes of approval. Also these loans are provided collateral free and hence, the customers do not have to worry about providing a guarantee or an asset to secure immediate funds as is the case with banks and the majority of NBFCs.

KreditBee offers multiple products in the personal loan category. The most prevalent among them are:

Eligibility for KreditBee Personal Loans

As discussed above, KreditBee has two prominent products in its personal loans category. The eligibility for the same is set keeping in mind to provide maximum reach of the company’s products and to ensure that maximum number of customers can avail the benefits of the loans of KreditBee.

The details of eligibility are tables below.


Flexi Personal Loans

Personal Loans for Salaried Persons


Minimum age – 21 years

Maximum age – 45 years

Minimum age – 21 years

Maximum age – 45 years

Minimum salary per month

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 15,000

Work experience

Not applicable

Minimum 3 months of work experience in the current employment

The above eligibility criteria ensure that maximum number of persons can get the benefit of easy and instant loans for short tenure as well as at feasible interest rates.

Documents Required for KreditBee Personal Loans

The documents that have to be submitted for the personal loans of KreditBee are basic KYC documents along with the documents that enable the lender to verify the income and employment status of the applicant. The details relating to the same in case of both the flexi personal loans as well as loans for salaried persons are mentioned below.


Flexi Personal Loans

Personal Loans for Salaried Persons

Identity Proof

PAN Card

PAN Card

Address Proof

Applicants can provide any of the following,

Applicants can provide any of the following,

Bank Statement

Not applicable

Bank Statement of Salary account showing the salary credit for a minimum of past 3 months

Salary Slips

Not applicable

Salary slips for the past 3 months minimum

In addition to the above requirements, KreditBee requires the following details from the applicants of both the types of loans mentioned above.

  • Personal details of the applicants
  • Contact details of the reference to be provided mandatorily

After submitting the above documents and details along with the application form, the representatives of the company will verify the same. After successful verification of the documents and the details provided, the applicants will be sanctioned the short term loans applied and will get the funds disbursed to them within 15 minutes of approval.

Application process for KreditBee Personal Loans

As mentioned above, KreditBee is an online lending platform which provides the instant short term loans to the customers upon application. The customers have to apply for the loans through its mobile application. Customers can download the same through the Google Playstore in case of android users. The company is going to launch the same on the Apple App Store very shortly.

The detailed steps for the application process are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to download the mobile application of KreditBee
  • The customers will then have to register with the app through Google or Facebook and then login to proceed.
  • The next step is to enter the basic details of the applicant like name, address, location, mobile number, email id, monthly income, type of loan needed, amount of loan required, tenure required, etc.
  • After entering the above details, the customer will have to check their eligibility for the loan applied.
  • The customer will then have to upload the required documents as mentioned above as well as get their profile verified.
  • The persons applying for ‘Personal Loan for Salaried’ will also have to provide the salary Proof and Employment Details in the areas earmarked for the same.
  • Further, bank details of the customer also have to be provided where the credit of the loan is required.
  • After successful verification of the documents and the application, the loan will be disbursed in the bank account mentioned above within 15 minutes of approval.

Features and Benefits of KreditBee Personal Loans

KreditBee personal loans provide the customers with instant access to the loan funds at affordable interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. The details of the features and benefits of the short term loans of KreditBee are mentioned below.

Amount of loan

The amount of loan the customers can get through the personal loans of KreditBee is classified from a minimum of Rs. 1,000 to maximum of Rs. 2,00,000. The loan amount to be sanctioned will depend on various factors like the credit profile of the applicant. Salaried persons can get the personal loan up to a maximum of 200% of the net monthly salary.

Interest rates

The rate of interest on KreditBee Personal Loan is very competitive and reasonable as compared to the market standards. The rate of interest will depend on the amount of loan sought, the credit profile of the customer, the tenure of the loans and other relevant factors set by the lender. The rate of interest for Flexi Personal Loans starts from 1.5% per month and 1.02% per month for Personal Loans for Salaried.


The tenure of the personal loans of KreditBee varies in case of both its loan products mentioned above. The details of the same are tabled below.

Flexi Personal Loans

Personal Loan for Salaried

Minimum 2 months

Maximum 6 months

Minimum 3 months

Maximum 15 months


The customers get the personal loans without any need for collateral or guarantor. This ensures that the customers do not have to let go of any asset or even waste any time in arranging collateral to secure a loan.

Quick processing and Disbursal

The loans are processed quickly and disbursed within 15 minutes of approval. This enables the lender to provide prompt funds for any of the requirements of the customers.

Application and processing charges

The customers are charged any amount as downloading the mobile application of KreditBee and applying a personal loan through the same. The processing charges levied by the company are also nominal and do not put any excess burden on customers.

Other benefits

The other benefits of KreditBee Personal Loans include the following,

  • Complete digital process of application and disbursal which ensures speedy access to the funds upon sanction of the loan
  • The customers can carry out the entire process of securing the loan at their convenience from anywhere and at any time.
  • KreditBee requires minimum documentation for the loan application process which has to be submitted digitally thereby making it an absolutely hassle free process.

Contact details of KreditBee

Customers can contact the customer care of KreditBee for any queries or issues that they may have regarding its products or for any information required regarding the same. The contact details of the company are mentioned below.

Helpline number – 080 44292200

Email Id – help[at]kreditbee[dot]in

FAQs - KreditBee Short term Loans

1. What is the maximum amount of loan available under KreditBee Short Term Loans?

Customers can get short term loans up to Rs. 2,00,000 under KreditBee Short Term Loans.

2. What is the maximum eligible age to apply for this loan?

The maximum age to be eligible for KreditBee Short term Loans is 45 years.

3. What is the income requirement for Flexi Personal Loans?

Customers should have minimum monthly income of Rs. 10,000 to be eligible for Flexi Personal Loans.

4. What is the customer care number of KreditBee?

The customer care number of KreditBee is 080 44292200.

5. Is a person allowed to reapply for Flexi Personal Loan if it is previously rejected?

Yes. A person can reapply for the Flexi Personal Loan within 3 months of previous application even if such previous application was rejected.

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