Flexi Personal Loan

A personal loan could help you in times of need. It is a hassle-free loan product offered by banks and other non-banking financial institutions. Being a collateral-free loan, it is one of the most sought-after loans in the market, despite its high interest rates.

What is a flexi personal loan?

Simply put, a flexi loan is an overdraft facility offered by banks to its loyal customers. It is a pre-approved cash limit that can be withdrawn whenever the customer is in need. Many leading lenders like ICICI Bank and Bajaj Finserv offer this loan product to their trusted customers.

Advantages of flexi personal loan

•    Liquid cash is available when you really need it
•    You have the flexibility to pre-pay the loan at no extra cost; i.e., there are no prepayment charges
•    You can re-avail the pre-paid amount within the overdraft facility at any time within the loan tenor
•    Minimal to nil documentation
•    Interest is payable only on the utilized loan amount, thereby saving on the interest costs
•    Interest rate is usually charged daily and is payable every month, reducing your outgo in the long run
•    Hassle-free online transactions on the net banking platform or customer portal
•    Low renewal fees

Apply for Flexi personal loan in India

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