What if I never had a credit card or loan before? Will I have a credit score?

Credit Bureau

When you have not borrowed in the past or have never had a Credit Card or a loan, there will be no updates about you with the credit bureau. CIBIL marks such cases as NH or 'No History'. Due to a lack of details, the credit bureau will be unable to comment on your payment behaviour. In such cases, some banks / financial institutions/NBFCs may not provide you with any unsecured credit facilities.

What If I Never Had A Credit Card Or Loan Before? Will I Have A Credit Score?

It is important to have a Good Credit Score for many reasons. Because your credit score is the one that enables you to request more credit in the form of credit cards, loans etc. There are many NBFC’s willing to offer loans and credit card without a credit score, but they charge you a very high interest rate. But if you don’t have a credit score, not many places will be willing to lend you a credit. A great financial tool which helps you manage your money is credit score.

So, how do I establish credit?

Since you are new to credit, banks can’t look into your credit score such as (CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian scores) determine whether or not to lend you money. In these situations, there are other factors that determine you borrowing capacity and decide whether you are credit risk or not.

If you are new to credit, then you must follow these tips to build a good credit score.

  • Make sure that you don’t apply for too many credit cards in a short time.
  • Your employment history is another important factor lenders look into if you are new to credit. They want to see whether you can hold a job and for how long you stick on with a particular job. This ability to hold a steady job can improve the likelihood of getting your loan or credit card approved.

Why Secured Credit Card?

Banks issue these cards, which will be a great start for a new borrower to build your credit score. But you must be mindful of potential fees some banks charge for the particular product. If you don’t want a secured credit card, another option is to approach a bank and they might suggest you a credit card with a low credit limit. And gradually you can ask the banks to increase your credit limit, by ensuring that you pay all you bills on time.

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