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Today Silver Rates In West bengal

23 Mar 2023

silver rate today india


( Per Gram )

silver price today


1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram66.5066.500.00%
10 gram66505665050.00%

Silver Rates In West bengal for Last 90 Days

23 Mar 2023

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-03-23₹ 67.50₹ 66,505
2023-03-22₹ 67.50₹ 66,505
2023-03-21₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-20₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-19₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-18₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-17₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-16₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-15₹ 64.82₹ 63,823
2023-03-14₹ 64.25₹ 64,247
2023-03-13₹ 61.54₹ 60,537
2023-03-12₹ 60.19₹ 60,192
2023-03-11₹ 60.09₹ 60,092
2023-03-10₹ 59.98₹ 58,975
2023-03-09₹ 59.70₹ 58,705
2023-03-08₹ 59.86₹ 58,857
2023-03-07₹ 62.80₹ 61,800
2023-03-06₹ 62.16₹ 62,159
2023-03-05₹ 62.16₹ 62,159
2023-03-04₹ 62.16₹ 62,158
2023-03-03₹ 61.46₹ 61,464
2023-03-02₹ 62.76₹ 61,763
2023-03-01₹ 62.75₹ 61,755
2023-02-28₹ 61.98₹ 60,980
2023-02-27₹ 62.55₹ 61,553
2023-02-26₹ 62.55₹ 61,553
2023-02-25₹ 62.56₹ 61,559
2023-02-24₹ 63.07₹ 63,067
2023-02-23₹ 64.23₹ 64,234
2023-02-22₹ 65.70₹ 64,695
2023-02-21₹ 65.54₹ 64,537
2023-02-20₹ 64.00₹ 64,001
2023-02-19₹ 64.36₹ 64,365
2023-02-18₹ 64.46₹ 64,457
2023-02-17₹ 64.78₹ 63,783
2023-02-16₹ 64.15₹ 64,148
2023-02-15₹ 64.46₹ 64,462
2023-02-14₹ 65.83₹ 64,827
2023-02-13₹ 65.73₹ 64,732
2023-02-12₹ 65.95₹ 64,950
2023-02-11₹ 65.01₹ 65,008
2023-02-10₹ 65.82₹ 64,822
2023-02-09₹ 66.91₹ 65,909
2023-02-08₹ 66.13₹ 66,134
2023-02-07₹ 66.81₹ 65,813
2023-02-06₹ 66.71₹ 65,709
2023-02-05₹ 66.71₹ 65,709
2023-02-04₹ 66.24₹ 66,238
2023-02-03₹ 69.88₹ 68,881
2023-02-02₹ 70.72₹ 69,720
2023-02-01₹ 69.24₹ 69,236
2023-01-31₹ 69.87₹ 68,866
2023-01-30₹ 69.78₹ 68,776
2023-01-29₹ 69.78₹ 68,776
2023-01-28₹ 69.77₹ 68,775
2023-01-27₹ 70.79₹ 69,792
2023-01-26₹ 70.57₹ 69,569
2023-01-25₹ 69.23₹ 69,230
2023-01-24₹ 67.88₹ 66,884
2023-01-23₹ 69.33₹ 69,327
2023-01-22₹ 69.33₹ 69,327
2023-01-21₹ 69.33₹ 69,333
2023-01-20₹ 69.42₹ 69,415
2023-01-19₹ 70.75₹ 69,752
2023-01-18₹ 70.80₹ 69,795
2023-01-17₹ 71.85₹ 70,851
2023-01-16₹ 71.61₹ 70,612
2023-01-15₹ 71.54₹ 70,542
2023-01-14₹ 71.55₹ 70,548
2023-01-13₹ 69.01₹ 69,007
2023-01-12₹ 69.59₹ 68,585
2023-01-09₹ 70.12₹ 70,117
2023-01-08₹ 70.12₹ 70,117
2023-01-07₹ 70.12₹ 70,117
2023-01-06₹ 68.44₹ 68,442
2023-01-05₹ 71.65₹ 70,647
2023-01-04₹ 71.92₹ 70,917
2023-01-03₹ 71.86₹ 70,862
2023-01-02₹ 71.90₹ 70,900
2023-01-01₹ 71.90₹ 70,900
2022-12-31₹ 71.73₹ 70,733
2022-12-30₹ 71.80₹ 70,803
2022-12-29₹ 70.77₹ 69,770
2022-12-28₹ 71.29₹ 71,290
2022-12-27₹ 70.27₹ 70,269
2022-12-26₹ 70.14₹ 70,141
2022-12-25₹ 70.14₹ 70,141
2022-12-24₹ 70.36₹ 70,360
2022-12-23₹ 69.46₹ 69,465
2022-12-22₹ 71.04₹ 71,042

Historical Price of Silver Rate In West bengal

Trend of Silver Rate in West bengal for March 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
March 1st Rate67.5066,505
March 23th Rate62.7561,755
Highest March Rate67.566,505
Lowest March Rate59.758,705

Trend of Silver Rate in West bengal for February 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
February 1st Rate61.9860,980
February 28th Rate69.2469,236
Highest February Rate70.7269,720
Lowest February Rate61.9860,980

Trend of Silver Rate in West bengal for January 2023 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
January 1st Rate69.8768,866
January 31th Rate71.9070,900
Highest January Rate71.9270,917
Lowest January Rate67.8866,884

Trend of Silver Rate in West bengal for December 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
December 1st Rate71.7370,733
December 31th Rate65.5264,519
Highest December Rate71.3671,360
Lowest December Rate65.5264,519

Trend of Silver Rate in West bengal for November 2022 (Rates per gram for 1Gram / 1Kg Silver)

Silver Rates1 gram1 Kg
November 1st Rate62.0562,055
November 30th Rate57.7056,699
Highest November Rate64.6963,696
Lowest November Rate57.756,699


West Bengal is one of the culturally rich and diverse states in India. The state has a long history dating back to the colonial era and even before that. Historically, West Bengal occupied a place of prominence in Asia and was seen as a trade hub. Silver in West Bengal therefore has a huge demand and is used for a variety of reasons like industrial, ornamental, commercial or medicinal purposes. Besides personal ornaments, silver is also used for household and pooja items, making it a premium gifting choice.

There are multiple ways to invest in silver. Such investment in silver can be in the form of jewellery, household items, coins, or silver bars. Customers can invest in silver by purchasing it at prevailing rates. Silver rates change on a day to day basis based on the global rates along with other factors. Given below are the details of prices of silver in West Bengal.

How to check the purity of silver?

Silver can be procured in many forms for personal or commercial use. However, customers have to ensure that the silver is pure while purchasing it. All the forms of silver are graded based on their purity levels. Such purity of the precious metal is portrayed in the form of percentages. At such purity levels, the purest form of silver is 99.9% which is thereby considered to be without any contamination or adulteration.

Silver is usually combined or mixed with other metals or alloys. This ensures that the resultant silver in the desired form is sturdy and can avoid deterioration over the period of years. Such combining of other metals eventually reduces the purity levels of silver and hence it is then graded or certified accordingly.

The various levels of purity provided to silver is tabled below.





















Customers have to be vigilant while purchasing silver and ensure that all such purchases have proper certification and markings to make it genuine and authentic.

Authentication Markings on Silver

As discussed above, there are many authentication markings that need to be placed on the surface of this metal which assure the customers of its purity and authenticity. Such markings are beneficial to the customers especially at the time of resale of silver in any form. It will assure that the buyers and sellers get the best price for their precious metal and are not cheated of their funds.

The various markings placed on silver to validate its purity are mentioned below.

  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Mark
  • Purity Grade Indicator
  • Jeweler’s / Manufacturer’s Identification Symbol
  • Marking Year
  • Assay Centre’s identification mark

Genuine and Trusted Sources of Purchasing Silver

Customers should purchase silver through authentic sources for such trade to be genuine and without any unnecessary risk. Customers thus get assurance of not only the purity of the silver in any form purchased but also of the seller otherwise there could be a possibility that customers may be cheated and may end up losing their money and not getting proper value for their purchase.

Following are the certified sources of buying or selling silver.

  • Private dealers
  • Authorized sellers
  • Certified e-commerce sellers
  • Banks
  • Certified jewelers

These trusted and genuine sources provide silver in all the following forms especially for retail purchases.

  • Silver coins
  • Silver jewellery
  • Silver bars 
  • Silver Bullions
  • Silver household items

Important Considerations while Purchasing Silver

Customers should consider various factors or raise many concerns at the time of purchasing silver to assure best resale value and genuine product at their disposable. These considerations are mentioned below.

Purpose and scale of purchase

The purpose of purchase is one of the primary considerations while purchasing silver. Once the purpose is determined, customers can then select the scale as well as the best form of silver to be purchased to get maximum returns or resale value.

Form of silver

Form of silver for purchase is a very relevant consideration while making the purchase decision of this metal. Such forms can be silver coins, silver bars or bullions, silver household items or even silver jewellery or in any combination as well.

Current prices of silver

Prices of silver are quite dynamic and hence customers need to observe the trend and the current prices while purchasing silver. Therefore, customers are required to track the silver prices on a regular basis. This will ensure they get the most optimum price while purchasing silver.

Source of purchasing Silver

Silver has to be bought from a genuine or trusted and reputed source as mentioned above, to ensure that the metal purchased is authentic and not a fake.

Proper certification

Another important consideration is the presence of certification and markings on the surface of silver. This is needed to verify and authenticate its purity in any form.

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FAQs - Silver Price Today In West bengal

1. What are the factors influencing the rates of silver in any market?

Silver prices being dynamic are affected by many factors. The primary factors are internal or directly related to the prices fluctuations of this metal. Others are secondary or secondary or external factors which also affect the prices of silver. These factors may not have a direct impact to this metal but still affect its prices indirectly.

Following are the various factors affecting silver prices in any market.

Internal Factors

  • Demand (Personal, medicinal, Industrial or Commercial Demand)
  • Supply of Silver in market
  • Ancillary Costs like Mining cost, imports costs and storage or warehousing costs

External factors

  • Government Policies
  • Crude Price Fluctuations
  • Inflation
  • Import and Export Policies
  • Gold Prices
  • Dollar Fluctuations
  • Geo-political scenario

Currently, silver prices were impacted on account of the current pandemic and the introduction of a vaccine for the same. This has made the rates of silver come drastically downwards.

2. What is the highest purity level awarded to silver available in the market?

The highest purity level awarded to silver is 99.9%.

3. What is a Silver ETF?

Silver ETF is the Silver Exchange Traded Fund. At present, our country does not have a notified ETF. However, customers that want to trade in Silver ETF can do so by duly registering on the US Silver ETF. Such registration can be done through a registered stock broker that has access to the US Silver ETF.

4. What tests can be done on silver by buyers and sellers of silver to check its purity?

The various tests done on silver by buyers and sellers to check its purity are ice test, stink test and magnet test.

5. What is the lot size of silver traded on commodity and futures markets?

The lot sizes of silver contracts are 1 kg each.

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