ATMs allow individuals to withdraw cash whenever required. However, banks place a limit on the amount of cash you can withdraw in a single transaction within a specific timeframe. This threshold value varies across banks. Let us now read about the ATM cash withdrawal limits for top banks in India. 

SBI ATM Withdrawal Limit

The withdrawal limits set by SBI vary according to the type of SBI account and the specific terms and conditions of your debit card. Also, SBI may modify these limits from time to time, so it is better to check with the bank to confirm the current limits. 

Type of SBI Account 

Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit 

Accounts which are linked to a Classic Debit Card or a Maestro Debit Card

Rs. 20,000

Accounts which are linked to SBI Platinum International Debit Cards

Rs. 1 lakh

Accounts which are linked to SBI Go and In Touch Tap Debit Cards 

Rs. 40,000

HDFC Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit

HDFC Bank’s ATM cash withdrawal limits are given below. The withdrawal limits may vary according to the type of HDFC account

Type of HDFC Account 

Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit 

Accounts which are linked to a Millennia Debit Card 

Rs. 50,000

Accounts that are linked to a MoneyBack Debit Card 

Rs. 25,000

Accounts that are linked to a Rewards Debit Card 

Rs. 50,000

Punjab National Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit

Punjab National Bank has a wide network of branches and ATMs across the country. ATM cash withdrawal limits vary based on the type of PNB Bank account. To withdraw within the limits, you should check your bank account information regarding the withdrawal details.  

The withdrawal limits of PNB are as follows. 

Type of PNB Account 

Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit

Accounts that are linked to a PNB Platinum Debit Card

Rs. 50,000

Accounts linked to PNB Classic Debit Card

Rs. 25,000

Accounts linked to a Gold Debit Card 

Rs. 50,000


Bank of Baroda ATM Withdrawal Limit

Bank of Baroda offers a hassle-free and secure way for customers to access cash through its network of ATMs. Bank of Baroda has specific limits for cash withdrawals from ATMs. The limits differ with the type of account. By knowing about these transaction limits, customers can ensure that they can withdraw the amount of cash they require when needed. 

Type of BOB Account 

Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit

Accounts linked to Baroda BPCL Debit Card 

Rs. 50,000

Accounts linked to MasterCard DI Platinum Debit Card

Rs. 50,000

Accounts linked to a MasterCard Classic DI Debit Card

Rs. 25,000


How to Avoid the Payment of ATM Charges? 

Here are a few ways in which you can avoid paying ATM charges.

Step 1: Use the ATM of your bank:

  • Use your bank’s ATM – Using the ATM of your own bank will not incur any withdrawal charges. You will not be charged any fees. On the other hand, you may be charged a fee if you use some other ATM. 
  • Keep your free transactions for withdrawal: Save your free transactions for ATM withdrawal. For operations like account statements or amount transfers, you can use the net banking facility for your bank. 
  • Use Partnered ATMs – If your bank has partnered with other banks, then, you can withdraw from the ATM of the partnered banks free of charge. 
  • Pay Bills Online: You can pay your bills online instead of using the ATM. Through this, you can save your free transactions for other cases. 
  • Swipe your cards – If you swipe your card instead of using the ATM to withdraw cash, you can save a lot of time. 

FAQs on ATM Cash Withdrawal Limits

1. What is the maximum amount of money you can take from an ATM in a day?
The limits vary across banks and also according to the type of account offered. For instance: The maximum cash withdrawal limit for the most basic account type for one bank could be Rs. 25,000 per day whereas another bank can offer a daily limit of Rs. 40,000 for its basic account. 

2. Are there any charges to withdraw money from an ATM? 

After certain transactions, fees are charged for money withdrawal. However, there are also certain banks like IndusInd Bank and IDBI Bank that offer unlimited free ATM transactions to their customers. As per the latest Reserve Bank of India guidelines, banks can charge a maximum of Rs. 21 on each withdrawal above the number of free transactions. Most banks offer 5 free transactions to customers every month. This limit cannot be carried forward to the next month if not used. 

3. How many transactions are free on ATMs?

A minimum of five transactions are free every month for customers who have a savings bank account. The number of non-cash withdrawal transactions available is limited. 

4. What are the new ATM withdrawal rules? 

The free transactions and charges differ if the withdrawal is made in the ATM of another bank. In June last year, the RBI granted permission to banks to charge up to Rs. 21 per transaction at an ATM.