A credit card has a range of benefits and can give you the shopping experience you desire. With a credit card, you can instantly purchase the product you desire. You can also get access to discounts, cashback offers,  airline miles, and more. With so many attractive advantages to choose from, you should get your own credit card. Applying for a credit card is much easier than you may think. Here are some key steps to get your new credit card.

Key Steps To Get Your New Credit Card

Step 1: Figure Out your Requirement

This is the basic step. Being aware of what you want to use your card for, such as shopping, dining, fuel, travel, or other expenses is the key to procuring the maximum benefit from your card. If you travel frequently, a travel rewards card will be a better option for you compared to a normal credit card that provides you with store credit on your shopping purchases. Similarly, if you like to frequent restaurants and dine, then a dining rewards card will be a good option for you. 

Step 2: Research Your Options 

Post figuring out your requirements, check out the options that will suit your specific needs. The market for credit cards and the offerings provided by each credit card issuer have grown exponentially.

When you choose a credit card, some of the key factors to be considered are: 

Joining or Annual Fees:

Generally, you should choose cards with a joining or annual fee of zero. But when it comes to premium cards, they will have unique benefits.

Rewards Program :

cashback, freebies, discounts, etc. 

Complimentary Features :

 Lounge access, travel insurance, accidental insurance, etc. 

How The Card Is Accepted:

Visa and MasterCard are accepted by most merchants. But, American Express and Discover/Diners’ Club cards tend to have better reward programs. You can research by using an online credit card eligibility tool. When you input your details, the tool lists all your options and provides you with a platform for further research.  

Step 3: Check your credit score

Before you apply for a credit card, it is good to check your credit score. Checking your credit score before you apply for a credit card means you will be fully educated about the kinds of interest rates you can expect from your offers and the rewards you are eligible for. You can check your credit score with the credit bureaus, and you should also have a look at your recent credit inquiries. Applying for too many cards in a short period means that multiple inquiries are hitting your report at once, and this can lower your score.

Step 4: Complete the Application and Collate the Documents

Once you have chosen a card that is suitable for your requirements and you have confirmed that you have a credit score that is high enough, you should go ahead with completing the credit card application. Currently, you can apply either offline or online. When you apply online for a card, you can do it from the comfort of your home or office. You may also be eligible for special offers or discounts on choosing the online application option. Though no physical documents are required at the time of submitting the online application, you will have to collate the appropriate documents and submit it to the card issuer at a subsequent date for verification of your application. 

Step 5: Complete the verification processes and know about the card user agreement 

The card issuer will do multiple rounds of checking before providing the card to the user. The various steps are:

  • Verifying the submitted documents
  • Credit history check
  • Checking your residential or office address physically as well as through telephone 

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The card is issued and sent to your address only after you have successfully completed multiple rounds of verification. Once you receive your new credit card, ensure that you read through and understand all the documentation that is included. While some credit cards have flexible rules with regard to repayment, several credit cards, particularly the ones with a high limit, have stricter policies & regulations. These documents also hold the rewards system that your card provides you with. Understand the process of redemption & cashback facilities. Raise any queries that you may have with the card issuer. After you are completely satisfied that you have received the apt card, activate it. 


It is always an exhilarating experience to open the envelope that contains your credit card. A credit card always gives you the extra freedom to spend now and pay later. But, before you get your new credit card, you must know certain things. The steps above are just a summary of the best practices that you can follow while planning to get a new credit card. They are valid for first-timers as those looking to choose multiple credit cards. 

FAQS of Quick Steps to Get Your New Credit Card  

1:How to get a credit card easily in 3 steps?

You have to choose your credit card, apply for your card, and activate your card. 

2:Can I get a replacement card on the same day? 

You can usually expect to get a new credit card within seven to 10 business days.  Some issuers offer quicker delivery. 

3:Can I use my credit card before it comes?

Yes, you can use a credit card before it arrives through the mail, but you can do this only with certain cards. If you desire to use a credit card early, you should either have an American Express or Capital One credit card or multiple other offers, including the Apple Card and some store credit cards. 

4:What are the eligibility criteria for credit cards in India?

The basic eligibility criteria for credit cards in India are: 

  • The applicant should be 18 years old at least. 
  • The minimum salary should be in the range of Rs. 1 Lakh and 3 Lakhs. 
  • Applicant should either be salaried or self-employed. 

5:What are the factors impacting your credit card eligibility?

The factors affecting your credit card eligibility are credit score, existing debt, employment, and location. 

6:What are the documents necessary for a credit card application?

The documents required are:

  • The completed application form. 
  • Passport size photographs. 
  • Proof of identity (copy of PAN, Aaadhar, passport, etc.)
  • Latest salary slips
  • Proof of residence (utility bills, driving license, PAN, Aadhaar, etc.).
  • Form 16
  • Bank statements

7:Can I receive a credit card on the same day as applied?

No, you will not be able to get the credit card on the same day as applied. Banks take up to 7 days to process the application and verify the documents. It takes up to a maximum of 10 working days from the date of applying to obtain the credit card at your registered address.