The Indian consumer market boasts of young buyers who are always on the lookout for ‘buy now pay later’ options while making any big-ticket purchases. As more and more users prefer to buy high-end variants of consumer durables, smartphones, etc, there is a growing need for smart financing solutions that allow buyers to make instant purchases without having to pay the entire value of the product upfront from their pockets. This is where smart AI-driven platforms like ZestMoney come into play.

ZestMoney is India’s leading EMI financing platform which offers ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ solution for young Indian buyers. In the latest offering to consumers, this digital platform has come up with a bonanza for Apple fans. People can purchase their favourite Apple products by using ZestMoney’s "Pay Later" option. ZestMoney also offers zero cost EMIs, no processing fees and instant credit approval without a card.

Continue reading to find out how you can own your dream Apple iPhone, iPad or Macbook and pay for it later via ZestMoney. 

Demand for Apple Products during the Covid-19 Era

As the ongoing pandemic has made work from home mandatory for most individuals, there has been a sudden spike in the demand for iPads and Macbooks. Lately, Apple has also been launching many new-age products, such as Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, and the iPad 8th generation. 

This has tempted a lot of new-to-credit buyers towards Apple products. The question which then arises is, how can people easily buy these high-end products without worrying about the expenditure?

The answer lies with ZestMoney, as it offers payment solutions for such customers who dream of owning an Apple product but may not have an immediate financial arrangement for buying the same. This consumer-lending fintech company’s objective is to make Apple’s premium tech products affordable for regular Indian consumers. The partnership between ZestMoney and Apple has brought a fresh ray of hope among customers who will now be able to purchase some of the best offerings from Apple by using the flexibility available with ZestMoney’s Pay Later option.

Zero-Cost EMI for Apple Product Enthusiasts

ZestMoney offers a credit limit to all customers who have completed digital KYC (online or physically in-store). Customers can then choose a repayment plan that suits their requirement while making the purchase. The best part of the scheme is that there is no manual intervention required for availing this service since it is entirely digital.

There are multiple “Zero-cost” EMI schemes designed by ZestMoney, in association with Apple. Customers can easily purchase newly launched Apple products, such as iPhone 12 with the help of these schemes. Customers who have limited or no credit history can also make the most of these schemes.

The Buy Now, Pay Later scheme helps customers in planning their finances well and utilise their income appropriately during challenging times. There is a significant demand seen in Tier II and III cities for Apple products. This demand grows even further as the festive season approaches.

Reasons to Buy an iPhone on EMI

There are multiple advantages of purchasing an iPhone on EMI through Zest Money. Mentioned below are some of them:

Budget-friendly: Buying an iPhone by making an upfront payment of the full price can have a significant impact on your monthly budget. It can also leave very little savings for any emergency needs. On the other hand, making payment through EMIs can ensure that you have a reasonable amount of savings at all times.

Premium iPhone is now Affordable: There are several iPhone models and variants and some of the premium variants come at a significantly higher cost. When a customer pays through EMI, he/she doesn’t have to pay the full cost and can therefore purchase a premium model.

Additional savings due to 0% Interest: With 0% interest, an iPhone can be easily bought on instalments. This attractive deal comes with no additional charge or extra cost. What’s more, your bank account fetches you interest on the total amount that you did not have to pay upfront while buying the phone.

How to avail buy now pay later scheme via ZestMoney? 

The process for availing ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme is completely digital and easy. It can be easily completed without any need for manual intervention. ZestMoney has its presence across India through more than 5,000 stores. It also has few Apple authorised reseller stores. Interested buyers can reach out for this scheme online through ZestMoney website or app. Alternatively, they can also reach out to the nearest store.

Complete Digital KYC in ZestMoney

For availing credit limit form ZestMoney, customers have to complete the digital KYC (online or in-store) and select a repayment plan as per their convenience during purchase. The entire process of making the most of this service is paperless and digital. ZestMoney and Apple have also launched many zero cost EMI schemes which can be used by customers for the newly launched iPhone 12 and similar other products.

Steps to buy iPhone Using ZestMoney EMI

  1. Availing ZestMoney credit limit – Customers can sign up for a ZestMoney credit limit in some simple steps. They need to verify their mobile number and get started with the process.
  2. Activating credit limit – Once the customer updates his/her profile, they need to submit the KYC documents and set up repayment for activating the credit limit.
  3. Choose a preferred partner for buying iPhone - ZestMoney credit limit can be used on Amazon, Flipkart or more than 8000 merchant partners for buying the iPhone.
  4. Select a Suitable EMI plan - Choose ZestMoney EMI as the payment method while purchasing from the preferred partner. Customers can choose the EMI plan as per their convenience.
  5. EMI is approved - The EMI plan gets approved and the customer’s order is placed successfully after the above step. The partner then ships the selected product as per delivery policy.


Buying an iPhone is no longer a dream for many Indians as ZestMoney, in partnership with Apple, has rolled out many exciting schemes for making the purchase easy. Buy now and pay later is one such scheme which can be availed for buying Apple products without getting into the hassle of making hefty upfront payments.