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How to Deal With Harassment By Loan Recovery Agents?

When you default on a loan, banks and financial institutions are permitted to get back the money that you owe.

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Simple Interest Formula: How to Calculate, Uses, and Examples

The rate at which you borrow or give money is called simple interest. The borrower pays back an additional amount of money to the lender on taking money from the lender.

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Merged Public Sector Banks in India - A Compilation of Bank Mergers

In a significant move to restructure and redefine India's banking landscape, the government of India executed a series of mergers in 2021, consolidating 10 Public Sector Banks (PSUs) into 4 larger entities.

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NPA - What is it? - Types, Methods, Preventive Measures, etc.

NPA or non-performing assets (NPA) are defined by the Reserve Bank of India as any advance or loan that is overdue for more than 90 days.

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Difference between Hallmarked gold, KDM Gold, and 916 Gold

Indians use gold abundantly. It is not only a wise investment option but also a great fashion accessory and a status symbol.

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Debt-to-Equity Ratio - Formula, Computation, and Meaning

In the world of finance, one of the fundamental principles is to "cut your coat according to your cloth.

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SNBL or BNPL? That is the Question!

"Save now, buy later" and "buy now, pay later" are two different approaches to managing finances and making purchases.

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Why E-Businesses Are the Future

E-businesses are the future for every entrepreneur/business as they make trade possible across boundaries. Most businesses built their online presence during the lockdown because of the Covid-19 virus. Since then, the importance of having a digital presence is one of the priority agendas for all businesses.

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ICEGATE - Guide on (What is ICEGATE? + Bill of Entry + Shipping Bill)

ICEGATE (Indian Customs Electronic Commerce Electronic Data Interchange Gateway) is the one-stop shop for all international transactions attracting customs and other duty payments. Now the ICEGATE portal is revamped with new functionalities. Both the old and new websites of ICEGATE are now available in the public domain to enable users to move to the new portal smoothly.

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How does the banking finance sector help small businesses for festivals?

Festivals are the time of the year when businesses also grow exponentially. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers make use of this opportunity to bring more products with lots of offers.

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 You Don’t Keep the Minimum Balance Daily

Most banks lay down a condition that customers must maintain a minimum balance in their savings account. You can be penalized for not keeping the minimum balance. There is no limit on the penal charges that a bank will charge for the non-maintenance of the minimum balance.

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Guide to Debt Settlement: How it Works & Potential Risks

Are you considering debt settlement for repayment of your dues? Ever heard of debt settlement where you pay a one-time sum to be freed of your debts? Does that sound too good to be true?

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Why Do Banks Write Off Bad Debt?

Have you ever wondered why banks announce that they’re writing off bad debt? After all, isn’t that it a loss for the bank that they are unable to recover the costs? Continue reading to understand what is a write off and why banks do it.

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How Long Does It Take for a Repossession to Come off Your Credit?

How Long Does It Take for a Repossession to Come off Your Credit?

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups (CGSS)

For any business venture to flourish, the most important requirement is capital i.e. timely availability of funds. When businesses lack proper funding their growth cycle is disrupted. This is a major hindrance for a vast majority of entrepreneurs.

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Is Loan Restructuring Different from Loan Refinancing? Find Out Now.

Though loan restructuring and refinancing may sound similar, they are two different processes that are often mistaken as the same. In this article, we explain the similarities and differences between these two processes, so you can take the right decision for your loans.

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Buy Your Favourite Apple Products Now & Pay Later Using ZestMoney

The Indian consumer market boasts of young buyers who are always on the lookout for ‘buy now pay later’ options while making any big-ticket purchases. As more and more users prefer to buy high-end variants of consumer durables, smartphones, etc, there is a growing need for smart financing solutions that allow buyers to make instant purchases without having to pay the entire value of the product upfront from their pockets.

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What are Microloans & How do they Work?

Microloans are a short-term loan, generally with a smaller loan amount that can be availed by startups, micro enterprises, self-employed individuals and small business owners with low capital requirements.

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Compound Interest Waiver – Know the Features and Benefits

With the continued impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy, the Indian government announced multiple timely measures to offer relief to millions of individuals and small businesses.

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What Is The Fiscal Policy? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Fiscal policy is the main guiding force in the Indian economy which helps the government take decisions around money matters such as expenditures and savings. It is primarily used to gauge the financial support required for boosting economic activity, and the amount of revenue required to be generated for the same.

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The 6 Best Financing Options For Franchisees

A franchise offers double benefits - it offers the flexibility and independence of a small-scale set-up along with the infrastructure of a bigger corporation. It is an ideal opportunity for those interested in entrepreneurship, especially first-time entrepreneurs.

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