When your mobile phone is lost, does not support some of the latest applications, or no longer functions, you would certainly look for ways to get the latest mobile with the much-heralded sophisticated features. During such instances, it is quite hard to gather enough money to purchase the mobile phone that you set your mind upon, especially when your savings are meagre.  

You don’t have to worry about it anymore if you or your friends have a YES BANK credit card. You can purchase a mobile phone online or at point of sale merchandise using YES BANK credit cards and convert the transaction to Easy Monthly Instalments.  

YES BANK’s Instant EMI 

YES BANK credit cardholders, who have been regular with all the bill payments in the past, are now eligible for the instant EMI option. The process is simple and you do not need to go through any documentation process to purchase your mobile while using YES BANK credit card EMI. While making the payment for online purchases, you will be shown the payment options wherein you can choose “YES BANK Credit Card EMI”. You will then be shown the EMI plan and interest rate accordingly.  

YES BANK allows their customers to get Instant EMI option from over 80,000 merchant partners. You can just walk into the partnered outlets who have point of sale machines, choose your favourite mobile and convert it to EMI payment using your YES BANK credit card. To avail the credit card EMI option, the transaction should be of minimum Rs. 2,500. For retail store purchases, the customers will have to call the YES BANK customer support and avail the facility. The customers can earn reward points on transactions that are converted to EMI. This facility can help you save money on monthly bill.  

Shorter tenures will have lower interest rate while longer tenure will have higher interest rates. As of now, the lender charges a minimum of 12% and maximum of 15% interest rate on all EMI options. The chosen EMI amount will be paid along with your credit card bill payment.  

Currently, YES BANK provides tenure up to 24 months. The cardholder can choose from the repayment options of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.  

YES BANK “EMI on Call” 

You can now make your big purchases such as mobile phones, gadgets, home appliances, digital camera etc., and convert them to credit card EMI option. You can do this just by making a call to the customer support team. Only select customers are eligible for EMI on Call service and to know if you are eligible for this option, you can contact 24X7 YES TOUCH customer care numbers.  

Customers can call the following toll-free numbers to check the eligibility.  

Card Type 

Toll-Free Numbers 

YES FIRST credit cards 

1800 103 6000 (For Indian customers) 

+91 22 4935 0000 (For NRI customers) 

YES Prosperity credit cards 

1800 103 1212 (For Indian customers) 

+91 22 4935 0000 (For NRI customers) 

Things to Know Before Choosing YES BANK Credit Card EMI Option 

  1. The EMI facility is available only at select online and retails stores listed by the bank. The additions and deletions can be made by the bank without any prior notice. You can refer to the official website of the bank for the list of merchants partnered with the bank.  

  1. The bank charges 2% of the loan amount as processing fee and 2% of outstanding loan amount for foreclosure. This is however subject to change depending on the policies of the lender. The GST of 18% will be applicable on all charges.  

  1. If the cardholder defaults on the EMI payment, the bank reserves the right to foreclose the outstanding loan and debit the entire amount from the next credit card bill payment.  

  1. The EMI amount cannot exceed the available credit limit. The EMI will block the available credit limit including GST and other applicable charges.  

  1. The EMI due amount will be included as part of the minimum due payment and the EMI cannot be carried forward to the next month.  

  1. Add-on card member too can avail the EMI option. However, the bill be billed to Primary cardholder.  

Mobile phones have become indispensable to carry out our daily activities. It is now a necessity more than a luxury. You can certainly go for YES BANK credit card EMI option to buy your favourite mobile.