A travel credit card offers rewards to the cardholder in the form of points or miles that can be used for travel-related purchases, most commonly flights and hotel rooms. The rewards offered by travel credit cards are very lucrative. Some of the cards carry annual fees and have relatively high interest rates but with multiple options available in the market, a traveller can pick the best of the lot.

There is a range of travel credit cards on offer that allows travellers to explore multiple benefits and discounts. Some of the cards even come with free air miles to encourage frequent flying card holders while a lot of them offer welcome gifts, free access to some of the airport lounges and no liability in case of lost cards. Travellers can have a field day with some exciting offers on travel credit cards such as complimentary gifts including free movie tickets, discounts on dining and concierge services, etc.

Why Use A Travel Credit Card?

A travel credit card can be your best friend if you travel often and want to have security, convenience and financial comfort while on the move. It allows you to make easier purchases abroad and get ready for your trip. Most credit cards offer a gamut of advantages that make them a preferred way to pay. Here are some of the reasons to use a travel credit card.

  1. Travel and rental insurance: If you take more than one trip per year, having a credit card that includes travel insurance could be beneficial, especially in the case of a trip being cancelled or interrupted, late flights, baggage or medical issues. Some credit cards also offer insurance on car rentals. A great way to save if you usually rent a car when you travel.

  2. Better exchange rate: Some banks or credit card providers don’t charge any fees for foreign currency conversion. The norm is still between 2.5% and 3% per transaction though, so you can go through the terms and conditions and opt for one which offers a better exchange rate.

  3. Privileged services and rewards programs: Many travel credit cards offer great rewards programs. Some give the holder up to 2% of the value of their purchases in either points or cash. Points can then be exchanged for travel discounts, gift cards and even rebates on banking products.

  4. Flexibility in transactions: With most flight bookings, hotels and activities going online, it makes sense to have a credit card while planning a trip. It’s a must for making reservations, but a nice asset for everyday spending, too.

Main Benefits of a Travel Credit Card

  1. Earn points with usage: Travel Credit Cards provide points in two ways - you get substantial sign-up bonus points when you first sign for the card and you get certain points for every transaction you do with the card. Whether it is booking a flight ticket, making hotel reservations or eating at a certain partner restaurant, the points you collect can be redeemed at a later date to get a discount on your bookings.

  2. Insurance: Loss of luggage can happen to anyone and result in mental stress along with financial implications. This is where Travel Cards play an important role. The best Travel Credit Card can help you recover the cost of the lost luggage.

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5 Best Credit Cards, Features and Other Details

Here are the top 5 travel credit cards that you can consider if you are a frequent traveller:

  1. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card

This travel credit card is designed to offer unique travel benefits especially if you spend a lot on travelling. Under this card, you can avail unlimited complimentary airport lounge access across the country. Here are some of the features and additional details on this card:

  • You can earn 5 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on retail purchase

  • Reward points that are unused and get accumulated are valid for 3 years

  • Reward points can also be redeemed at Club Vistara

  • Travel vouchers worth 10,000 can be availed for reward points worth the same value earned via this card

  • The card offers a 15% discount at a wide variety of restaurants across the country

  1. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

Air India SBI Signature credit card comes with an attractive reward ratio. This card is useful for you if you are a frequent traveller and is especially beneficial for domestic and international journeys. Additional features include:

  • 20,000 reward points during card activation

  • Reward points for ticket booking for self or others

  • The card earns 10,000 reward points per year depending on transactions and has 4 reward points for every transaction worth Rs. 100

  • Comes with complimentary Air India Frequent Flyer Program’s membership

  1. Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card

This card comes with a number of offers and discounts. It ensures comfortable flying experiences at affordable prices. Some of the features and benefits of this card are:

  • Complimentary Premium Economy ticket during enrolment

  • 3,000 Club Vistara points on milestone spends

  • Discounts at partner restaurants along with travel insurance that covers loss of luggage or delays in check-in luggage, loss of documents, etc.

  • Offers Rs. 2.5 crore of cover for every cardholder

  1. American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card

If you fly quite often then this card is meant for you. It ensures risk-free and economical travel and also offers a lot of travel-centric benefits in the form of direct discounts or privileges.

  • Allows special privilege for big spending in easy monthly instalments

  • Comes with 4 complimentary visits per year to 11 airport lounges across India

  • Travel vouchers worth Rs. 11,800 can be won on spending Rs. 4 lakhs per year

  • 20% discount at selected premium restaurants

  • The option of two supplementary credit cards at zero cost

  1. Citi Premiermiles® Travel Credit Card

This card allows customization for frequent flyers and offers exciting rewards and discounted deals. It comes with access to domestic and international airport lounges with exclusive deals on flight tickets, hotels booking and car hires. You can also accumulate air miles and redeem the same to buy a flight ticket.

  • You can earn 10 miles for every Rs. 100 spent on transactions relating to airlines

  • You can transfer or redeem earned miles at any point

  • The card offers 10,000 miles for spending Rs. 1000 or more

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End Note

Travelling is becoming easier and more comfortable with the advent of some of the best offers on travel credit cards. You can travel economically and with maximum comfort with the help of top 5 credit cards in India listed in this article. Some of the cards come with benefits of airport lounge access, cheaper ticket, hotel bookings, and also air miles that can be redeemed for future travels. For getting the best offers, it is recommended and beneficial to check your credit scores at CreditMantri.