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SBI alert! ATM, Credit Card, UPI and Netbanking user? Do this to not lose money

Online banking frauds have been rampant in the recent past. Fraudsters have been able to use the internet to steal valuable user data and money from users. SBI has always followed up on the reports of frauds and has taken strict measures to ensure that no user is defrauded.

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what is contactless pay how it works

Contactless payments are not new to the world of payments. The Seoul Bus Transport Association launched contactless payments as early as 1995. But the recent Corona pandemic gave a new twist to the contactless payment with trillions of transactions worldwide being made via contactless cards.

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Credit Card Billing Rules

Reserve Bank of India (Credit card and Debit card-Issuance and Conduct) Directions have been issued effective from 1st July 2022. Thus using credit cards and debit cards have become more secure than before. Many people have been receiving unsolicited credit cards even when they have not applied for the same.

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How To Block Lost or Stolen SBI Credit Cards. Step By Step Process

SBI credit cards give you tempting deals, offers, cash backs, and reward points. If you lose your card, you can always block the card by contacting SBI. There are multiple ways to block your SBI credit card if lost or stolen.

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Credit Card Bill In Lakhs Here's How To Pay Zero Or Low Interest And Still Enjoy Benefits

An easy and simple way to pay is to give your credit card to the merchant to swipe it. Besides, using a credit card is a convenient and preferred mode of payment with online shoppers. You should use your credit card judiciously.

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Can You Use a Credit Card Beyond the Credit Limit

Can You Use a Credit Card Beyond the Credit Limit? Can you really? What happens if you have a credit card with a credit limit of Rs.1 lakh and make a purchase of Rs.1.2 lakhs? Will the card transaction go through, or will it be declined? Actually, it will go through!

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Pay Later Cards versus Credit Cards A Comparison

The credit industry experts have noticed that the pay later cards are the future of the credit industry in the country. Credit cards offer a large variety of added benefits and thus their importance has increased in the past years.

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How to Apply For ICICI Bank Credit Card Online Or Offline?

A complete guide on ICICI Bank credit card application process – offline and online ICICI Bank is one of India's biggest private commercial banks. It was established in 1994 and offers a diverse range of banking products and financial services. ICICI Bank offers tailor-made products to meet the needs of each consumer, as evidenced by their credit card offers.

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Citibank Axis Deal – What Will Happen To My Citi Cards Now?

Axis Bank and Citibank announced that their respective boards of directors have authorized Axis Bank's takeover of Citibank's retail businesses in India. What does this mean for Citi credit and debit card customers?

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Credit Cards?

Credit cards are great financial tools. They help us in times of emergency by offering payback options. We can purchase now and pay later with credit cards. Also, credit cards are a great way to build credit.

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How to convert HDFC credit card bill into EMI online

Are you concerned that you will be required to pay off all your dues at once and the burden of it may affect your financial health and thus downgrade your scores and financial reports? The answer to this is very simple: convert your HDFC credit card bill to EMI and pay your bill in easy installments over the months.

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How Do I Close Or Cancel My Axis Bank Credit Card?

Axis Bank credit cards come with various attractive offers and benefits for its customers. While it is pretty easy to apply for an Axis Bank credit card, it is simple to close or cancel it too.

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What happens when you miss your BNPL Payments?

The BNPL scheme has gained popularity among consumers, especially during the pandemic. So, many banks and NBFCs have introduced NBFCs to cater to the financial needs of the customers.

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How To Use Your Credit Cards Efficiently?

The world has gone digital and the internet has changed the way people shop, do business and socialize. Today, there is online e-banking, online shopping and online socialization all done through the internet. One of the most used online instruments is the Credit Card.

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How To Apply For An Axis Credit Card Online?

A Credit Card is a credit-based instrument which is issued by a financial institution for the purpose of obtaining access to funds. Credit cards are a financial product which you can use to buy goods or services. It is a tool which helps to make payments when you spend money on something.

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How 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Can Affect Your Credit Score?

Buy Now, Pay Later is a new credit alternative for millions of people who do not have a typical credit card. Credit cards have stringent eligibility requirements, making it difficult for a low-income earner to obtain one.

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How To Change Your SBI Credit Card PIN? Via Website And App

Credit card PIN is sensitive information that needs to be kept safe at all times. SBI regularly sends messages to remind its SBI credit card holders to keep their PIN information secure and not to share it with anyone.

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Advantages of Converting Credit Card Purchases into EMIs

Credit cards provide instant finance and increase your purchasing power. However, you will have to settle your credit card bill on or before the due date. Credit card issuers usually charge a high rate of interest on late payments.

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How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft: Loan Fraud and Credit Card Fraud

Taking a loan nowadays has become easy due to the increase in digitization. Applying for the loan, processing it, and disbursing it can be done completely online. While this is quick and easy, it has given rise to loan fraud.

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Credit Card Bill: What is the Billing Cycle, Due Date, and Minimum Payment? How it is Calculated

Credit cards are very useful financial tools. They come in handy during emergencies. They enable you to spend during crises since they provide you with the luxury of paying the money later

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Reversal Of Credit Card Payment – When & How To Get Your Credit Card Charges Reversed?

With a never-ending pandemic looming over the world, customers are becoming more reserved about using paper money and have started depending more on card payments. Debit and credit cards have become the most commonly used and accepted modes of payment and are being used more often than before. When purchases are being made using the cards, there are occasions when cancellations are done too. How does credit card payment reversal work? Let’s find that out.

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