There are many advantages to a debit card. It is like a prepaid card which you can use to go cashless. It lets you track your expenses, allows instant withdrawal of cash, facilitates easy transfer of funds and is very easy to manage – all without the worry of overspending.

However, the one facility that most people think a debit card lacks is the EMI option. Most people apply for a credit card thinking that only a credit card offers the option of EMIs. On the other hand, there are individuals who are scared of using a credit card because of wrong notions like it is an instrument of financial destruction, etc.

However, EMIs were a domain of payment through credit cards only until recently. And those paying with debit cards had to be satisfied with paying the entire amount upfront. But sensing the need of the day and the perceptions of many towards credit cards, many e-commerce websites have come up with solutions to ease their pain.

Did you know that you can buy your favorite mobile phone using your SBI debit card? Not only mobiles, you could buy anything on EMIs using an SBI Debit Card. It is very simple and hassle free! You needn’t apply for a credit card - if you only want to buy mobile in easy EMIs. Read on how to buy your mobile phone in easy EMIs using your SBI debit card.

How Do You Buy In EMIs With Your SBI Debit Card?

Online shopping is very convenient as it allows you to shop from the comforts of your home. In addition, there are plenty of options available to choose from and quite often, products end up being cheaper than buying it in an offline store.

SBI is one of the few banks that have tied up with e-Commerce biggies like Flipkart and Amazon to make purchases on Debit Card EMIs available to you. So you do not have to wait to save up and then buy expensive gadgets like mobiles or any other household appliances. Let's find out how you can go about doing that.

Here we would like to point out that EMI on Debit Cards are not available as a rule for everyone, banks like SBI and a few others allow this for a few chosen pre-approved customers. This could be based on their banking habits, average balance held in the account over a period of time, length of banking experience with the particular bank and other internal parameters as decided by the bank.

E-Commerce major Flipkart says that the eligibility is decided by the banks and customers who do not find themselves ineligible now may end up being eligible over a period of time.

What Are The Main Features of EMI on Debit Cards?

  • No minimum balance required in your bank account

  • No extra documentation

  • There is no down-payment required for this option

  • No processing fee. However, the bank may charge a GST of 18% on the interest paid

  • Minimum purchase criteria may hold - For Ex: Amazon stipulates a minimum purchase of Rs 8000 on SBI Cards

  • An interest component will be payable which is built into your EMI

  • First EMI is generally deducted on the 30th day of the transaction

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How Do You Find Out If You are Eligible?


It is very easy to check your eligibility by sending a SMS. You could do either of the following:

  • Send the Code DCEMI to 57575 or

  • Send the last 4 digits of your debit card number to 56767

By Logging on to the website or App of SBI

  • Log on to the website or the app of the bank with your approved credentials

  • Look for offers available to you 

  • Look for EMI by Debit Card offer

On the Website or App of E-Commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart

In case you are not able to get your eligibility either through the SMS or through the website or app of the bank, you can always get to know your eligibility directly on the e-commerce website where you are trying to buy by following the steps as mentioned below. 

  • Select the mobile phone/other product on the website or app of the e-commerce site.

  • On the product options page, you can find out if your product is eligible for EMI on Debit Card. Please note not all products may be eligible for this option. 

- On Amazon, you may find a Lit Electric Bulb Icon in Yellow color to signify that the product is available on No Cost Debit Card EMI

-  On Flipkart, you will need to go to the Payments page where you would find the EMIs   option. Under EMIs you would see the EMIs by Debit Card option. 

  • Check for the available EMI options. You may have various options depending upon the tenures of EMIs that suit you. The interest charged on different tenures are mentioned clearly. 

  • Select the option that suits your finance and go ahead.

  • To authenticate the transaction, you will receive an OTP from your bank, which needs to be filled in or you may also fulfill the transaction by navigating to the Netbanking page of SBI. 

  • Confirm the EMI plan and Click Pay.

Few Pointers to Keep in Mind While Going in For Debit Card EMIs

  • You should have added your account details or Debit Card details in your account settings on the E-Commerce Site or App

  • It is your responsibility to keep sufficient funds in your account to meet the EMI amount

  • In case you cancel or refund the product due to any reason,  the interest so charged will not refundable. Also, there might be an additional charge for doing so

  • EMI plans cannot be changed after it is availed

  • To foreclose any EMI plan availed, the decision will be taken by the bank


EMI by Debit Cards may come across as an excellent option for buying high-value products when you do not possess a credit card. However, it remains the responsibility of the customer to verify the interest charged on the product and also keep sufficient balance in his/her account to honor the EMIs.