Carrying out banking transactions through mobile phones gets easier through mobile banking. As mobiles are easily accessible and used by everyone, making transactions will become faster. To activate mobile banking, you would have to follow the below steps:

A few banks would require you to register for mobile banking by filling up a registration form and submitting ID proofs to your nearest bank branch, while other banks will let you register on online portals.

You would then have to download your bank’s mobile banking application 

To activate your account, some banks will allow customers to set a mobile banking PIN. While other banks might send a default MPIN as an SMS to your registered number. So each time, you want to access your mobile bank account you can use your mobile banking PIN

After entering your PIN, you would have to enter your net banking login ID and password to access your account

For security purposes, banks might add security features that ensure customers have a secure mobile banking experience. Added features like OTPs, grid based authentication, etc carry out mobile banking transactions

Making online payments safely through mobile banking has made banking transactions become easier during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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