The PNB Seva Scheme is a credit product offered by PNB for MSME businesses. The PNB Seva Scheme offers loans in the form of Working Capital Loan, Term Loans and Non-fund based credit options. 

What purpose can the working capital loan under PNB Seva Scheme used for? 

The working capital finance under this scheme can be utilized for meeting the working capital needs of the business; like daily cash needs, buying raw materials, and so on. 

Where can I use the Term Loan issued under the PNB Seva Scheme?

The term loans issued under this scheme can be utilized for: 

  • Acquiring fixed assets 
  • Buying equipment and machinery
  • Expansion and upgradation of current business units 
  • Setting up research and development facilities

Who are the eligible entities to apply for the PNB Seva Scheme?

PNB Seva Scheme is available for Individuals / Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) / Private Ltd. Co. / Public Ltd. Co/Trust/ Societies & Co-operative Societies that are eligible to be categorized as MSMEs. Also, MSME enterprises having GST Registration Number & Udyog Aadhaar Number.

Check eligibility for PNB MSME Loans here

What is the loan amount I can get under this scheme? 

The loan amount is based on your business needs. 

What is the repayment tenure available under the PNB Seva Scheme? Can I get any moratorium period under this scheme?

You get a maximum of 7 years to repay the loan under this scheme. The tenure could be extended by a higher authority based on business needs. Moratorium is given as needed. A maximum of 6 months’ moratorium is available. 

Should I produce any collateral for this loan? 

Yes, at least 40% collateral is required on the loan amount.

What is the rate of interest available on this loan? 

The rate of interest is in par with other MSME Loans. Check with the bank for the latest interest rates.