You can switch from regular plan to direct plan easily which will reduce your annual expenses. Because, by choosing the direct plan, you are managing your SIP plan on your own, instead of being managed by the distributor. This will reduce the expenses and hence the return will be slightly higher when compared to the regular schemes. 

However, to change from regular to direct, there are few things you must consider. 

Cost of switching: If your SIP plan is for an equity scheme, switching will cost an exit load of up to 1% of the amount invested. Moreover, taxation is applicable for the wealth gained through interest. Switching after a year will save you some money on exit load and taxation as most of the schemes have tax benefits after a year. 

Cycle Time of Switching: If you have online mutual fund transaction, you can login to your account and do the switch. It might take up to 4 days for the change to take place. For those who still prefer the old fashioned offline ways, you can also contact the mutual fund directly.

Another way to change is, you can stop the existing SIP plan and start a new direct plan.