Same day loans provide you with instant funds as soon as you go through the application process and if you are eligible for it. Lenders usually offer loans to people who have a good credit score. But there are other factors that are taken into consideration too, like your current income and repayment ability. To avoid loan rejections, it’s always better to check the eligibility criteria of the lenders before applying for same day loans.

These same day loans are a type of unsecured personal loan which can be used in need of any immediate emergency. You can apply for these loans online or offline based on the lenders. Access the funds on the same day of submitting your application. This kind of loan involves minimal paperwork. You can get these kinds of loans with major lenders like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Bajaj Finserv and ExceedCash.

  • Same day loans at ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank disburses the loan amount within 3 seconds for pre-approved customers. The lender charges a fixed interest rate and documentation is minimal. Borrowers can also avail a top-up loan, only if they have already paid at least 12 EMIs towards their existing loan.
  • Same day loans at HDFC Bank: HDFC Bank provides interest rates from 11.25% to 21.50% per annum. Pre-approved customers can get the loan disbursed within 10 seconds and other customers can get their loan within 4 hours.

There are many other banks who provide same day loans, so according to your requirements you can pick the suitable loan for you.