The moratorium is not a waiver but just a postponement of EMI loan payments and also for credit card outstanding dues. The moratorium is for both the principal amount of and the interest. Even though payments are postponed to a later date, the interest will continue to accrue on your dues during the moratorium period. And the interest due will be added to the outstanding amount pending, which will have to be paid along with the principal amount. 

As the interest accrued will add to the EMIs, the tenure of loans can be increased accordingly or the EMI amount each month can be increased so that the loan can be within the original tenure. You would have to start paying back as soon as the moratorium period is over. If you are able to manage your finances during the covid 19 crisis, even by paying your monthly dues, it’s better to continue doing so. You would be able to avoid the added burden of paying extra on interest by opting for the moratorium.