In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the RBI has instructed all banks to offer moratorium facilities. If you opt for a moratorium facility on your loan, the repayment period will be postponed. However, interest charges need to be paid during the moratorium period. If you have taken a loan from Bajaj Finserv and have opted for a moratorium, you can use the calculator provided at their website to arrive at the amount you will be paying after the moratorium period. 

To use the moratorium EMI calculator, you must enter the following details. 

  • Enter the overall loan amount

  • Interest rate currently being paid on the loan

  • Loan tenure

  • Number of EMIs paid

  • Number of moratorium months chosen

You will now get the result of EMI to be paid after the moratorium period. You can choose the option of Change in tenure of Change in EMI option and see the results accordingly. 

You must remember that moratorium attracts interest charges which have to be paid along with the loan amount.