Opting for health care is a wise decision especially with the rising costs of medical care. Advancements in medical technology, steep rise in lifestyle diseases are some of the reasons why it has become difficult to handle the cost of medical care out of pocket. If some day, unfortunately, you or your family members are hospitalized, then health plans will come in handy.

A health insurance plan keeps you ready for any eventuality. In case of high incurring medical expenses, they act as protection. The amount incurred is either paid directly to the hospital or will be reimbursed after a claim. This is the safety net providing you a sense of stability for unseen medical emergencies as they can be met without any stress. 

Luckily there are not four but seven types of health insurance policies that one can choose according to their needs.

The seven types of health insurance policies in India are

  1. Individual Health Insurance
  2. Family Floater Health Insurance
  3. Group Health Insurance
  4. Senior Citizens Health Insurance
  5. Maternity Health Insurance
  6. Critical Illness Insurance
  7. Top-Up Health Insurance