it is quick and hassle-free to pay your Citibank Credit Card dues online. Listed following are some of the ways to pay your Citi credit card bill online.

-You can set up a standing instruction to pay either minimum amount due or total amount due from your Citibank account. It is also possible to pay your Citi Credit Card bills using Citibank Online. You just need to Login online with your User ID & Password and click on the "Pay Credit Card Bill" link under Banking.

-You can also choose to pay via Citibank E-Pay.

-NEFT Payment is another convenient option to pay your credit card dues. Just login to your non-Citibank bank account to transact the funds transfer.

-ECS facility enables you make quick credit card payments. You just need to provide a mandate to Citibank authorizing the transfer of funds from your non-Citibank account.